Failing to Draw

Failing to Draw

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Failing to Draw

Today, I went looking for some games in which a player, presumably aiming for a draw, plays a very drawish opening and is easily defeated.

Stefano Tatai–Viktor Korchnoi Beer Sheva 1978

Korchnoi whacks White with the French defense! An extravagant undertaking, much more like the first panel than the second:
French Propaganda

The first panel reads: We progress in 1914/We will win in 1915. Interesting, no? I didn’t know that other countries besides the USSR had used mainstream chess propaganda.

Pedro Damiano–NN Rome 1497

Black attempted to draw with the admittedly draw-conducive Petroff, but made a fatal error in exposing the queen to the White pieces for so long.

Friedhelm Harms–Jean L Moeckel TGT 1998

Max Euwe–Rudolf Johannes Loman Rotterdam 1923

Fight against stronger players!
Don’t give up and try to settle for a draw!


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  • Posted 1525 days 8 hours and 57 minutes ago
    Yeah, that's a good point, really. I hadn't (although it seems obvious now) thought about how old the game is when writing it up. I'd rather not edit the post after people've viewed it (that gets confusing) but thanks for the insightful comment.
  • Posted 1525 days 9 hours and 36 minutes ago
    Standard memberShallow Blue
    Hmmm... I don't think Damiano's opponent was actually trying to draw. In fact, I don't think either player thought of the Petroff as a drawish opening yet - let alone as the "Petroff"! Remember that in those days, both opening theory and any thought of positional safety were very much in their infancy.
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