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Several things to attend to today: The Wei Yi game everyone is fussing about, a bit on The Thinking Machine 4, and a game by ptobler.

Here is a picture of Wei Yi: (credit: The Telegraph:

Wei Yi

Wei Yi - Lazaro Bruzon Batista, 6th Hainan Danzhou 2015

Now, this is a brilliant game. But I agree with the points made in the earlier Telegraph article. It’s overhyped. Perhaps not a new Immortal Game. But amazing just as well, and I don’t think it has to be contrasted with anything. It’s to be marveled at by itself.


The Thinking Machine 4 is an online chess computer which creates visual interpretations of what it is thinking about and which moves it is considering. Try a game against it! This is my game:

HikaruShindo–The Thinking Machine 4

And some screenshots from the game:

During 4. c6

After 11. exf7+

After 18. Qg6

After 22. f4


And a game by ptobler, because he is the only one that bothered to submit games to my contest and it’s my blog.
ptobler-thwaiters2 RHP 2011

What I found: Here! (Feher-Fekete)
chess results


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Comments (4)

  • Posted 1247 days 23 hours and 18 minutes ago
    Standard memberptobler
    I probably cleaned up all the White vs Black games - they are very rare, I doubt there has been any played since the date you specified
  • Posted 1248 days 3 hours and 57 minutes ago
    In the game vs thinking machine, does it actually end after move 18?
  • Posted 1248 days 18 hours and 28 minutes ago
    Thanks for the help, Geoff. The hardest thing about this blogging racket is the finicky PGN viewer.

    And yes, that's not one of my better games. I have improved since then, though. I take solace in that.
  • Posted 1249 days 6 hours and 26 minutes ago
    Hi Hikar,

    I'd add:

    Wei Yi - Lazaro Bruzon Batista, 6th Hainan Danzhou 2015.

    To the first game, nobody knows the who, the where or the where.

    In the second game. It stops at move 8 and surely Black's 3rd move is wrong. Is it 3...Nfd7

    The third game stops at move 11. possibly because it has o-o (the letters) and not 0-0 (the numbers.)

    You can add live links in the blogs:

    This should work for the last one (paste it in.)

    [url=]chess results[/url]

    After you have corrected everything you can hide this post.


    PS: game 9522773

    If you were not a fellow blogger I'd have used this in my Hall of Doom. Maybe you can use it it's good fun with a few good moves missed.
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