Oddities and Development

Oddities and Development

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Oddities and Development

First of all, I apologize for not putting up a post in a long time. A month. I’ve been really busy, and I’ll post more often now.

We go to a few of the stranger positions I have recently had. (sorry if this seems a tad egotistical)

golddog2-HikaruShindo RHP 2015

Here golddog2 sportingly resigned. However, I was hoping for a chance to round up the h- and g-pawns. Black would then have seven (!) passed pawns, along with a strikingly bad pawn structure.

HikaruShindo-Luscke69 RHP 2015

It appears that the only piece White has moved is the queen.

HikaruShindo-ZorroTheFox RHP 2015

An underpromotion to a bishop!

The next game, from the Mikelom Memorial, is an excellent lesson in development.
vandervelde-oldfool RHP 2015]

greenpawn34, two blogs ago, (365 puzzles+A 125 year old Trap+Mike Lomax) showed a Joseph Gallagher loss. Unfortunately, (sorry, Joe) I will now do the same, as it is instructive. I came across this while doing some research on different Sicilian lines.

Andrei Kharlov–Joseph Gallagher 2001 (12th Goodricke Open)

Don’t tangle up your pieces willingly! Keep them active!

Daniel Harrwitz-Adolf Anderssen 1848

Develop those pieces!

Until next,


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