What to do When Losing

What to do When Losing

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What to do When Losing

In this blog, we’ll try to uncover ideas to use when we are losing. What can we do? We can try to make the game difficult for our opponent, rather than giving them the game. We can set problems for them, even if they are not objectively the best moves. And we can keep creating mating threats with the hope that they may stumble.

We must not resign needlessly, as below.

copiryght–dermpa RHP 2010

Also, we must try not to simply gift our opponents the win in chessical terms. White is in a bad position, below, but with a fundamental miscalculation makes the game a cakewalk for Black.

perlenbacher–PSYCHOPET RHP 2011

In the next game, White is faced with a worse position once more. He has a choice, below. He can try to expulse the Black rook from d2 with Be3, objectively the best move, and he has a chance of drawing. However, he does something different. He, (though his move is slightly dubious,) poses a problem for his opponent–sets a trap, and he is rewarded for it.

jeisenm–Ruppster1 RHP 2008

Finally, this is a game that I have recorded as being played against an apparently mononymous ‘Ben.’ I was not very good at keeping score, or playing chess, and neither was my opponent. I was Black.

Ben–HikaruShindo OTB ?

Here, somehow, his knight took my rook. Neither of us saw it (and by “it,” that the move was obviously illegal.) But even with this sudden material loss, which I had not foreseen (understandably,) I remained persistent.

Here I must have missed a move out, or he simply made two moves in a row, somehow. I am also confused about how I messed this up so badly. But his bishop took my other rook. (His pieces must have had a predilection for taking my rooks on the sly.)

And that is that. I was confident that I’d win, and I brought whatever threat I believed I could conjure. I wish I could still summon that energy–even though I’m not very strong, I’ve become disillusioned with the hope that any of these things could still work. We should all try and fight that together. Try crazy things– unbalanced chess. Try and recall when you could sack half your pieces and win the game with a pawn or an opponent’s blunder. Because it can still happen. Don’t give up.


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