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Chess Openings - By Number of Moves

This time, I've classified each of the openings by the first white move only. So, twenty entrants in the race - does the Queen's Pawn opening ever catch up, and if so, in what year?

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Chess Openings - A Deeper Dive

As @byedidia pointed out in the comments of my previous post, the groupings of the openings can be improved upon.

Here is my first attempt at a deeper dive and more specific categorisation.

I would be very interested in further thoughts on how these groupings can be improved, in particular the "miscellaneous" categories are somewhat annoying.


Most Popular Chess Openings From Grandmaster Games

Thanks to everyone who checked out my little YouTube video on the genetic algorithm.

I enjoyed making that, so I've done something similar, this time looking at the popularity of chess openings over time.

I sourced the information from pgnmentor.com.


A Genetic Algorithm to Find The Value of Chess Pieces

A Brief History
Almost 30 years ago, @Russ, AKA 1, and I created Rival Chess.

This collaboration mostly involved us sending floppy disks back and forth across the country through the Royal Mail.

Rival for DOS

At university, again with @Russ, we rewrote Rival to make use of this thing called Windows....
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