The Difference Between a Helpmate and a Selfmate

The Difference Between a Helpmate and a Selfmate

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The Difference Between a Helpmate and a Selfmate

The Difference Between a Helpmate and a Selfmate

This was proffered as an example of a game where white decided to `selfmate` rather than just resign:

But technically, a selfmate is when white forces black to deliver mate against his will, as in…

H.Zander – Selfmate in 5

Every black move is forced; he has no choice but to mate white. It is almost as if white is trying to throw the game and black indignantly tries not to let him.

Greenpawn`s example falls under the category of helpmate, which involves cooperation by both sides to create a checkmate. In typical composed helpmates, black moves first and white`s last move checkmates black.

Here`s a stellar example. White`s King is locked in a corner, so he needs a lot of help from black to pull off the two different mates.

M. Caillaud – Helpmate in 8

Solution #1

Solution #2

As it turns out, there are help and self problems in various forms. Just for fun, I will continue the theme of the last column and torture my readers with some more whammies.

The Help-Whammy and the Self-Whammy
In the help-whammy, black moves 9 times in a row in a 9x help-whammy (for example) then white mates in 1.
In the self-whammy, white makes 9 moves in a row in a 9x self-whammy (for example) then black has no choice but to mate white in one move.

Prisoners of Puzzle Torture Camp, these are the problems you must solve before you are granted visitation or time out in the yard. Those who fail to solve even one go to solitary!

Wiehagen, R.

Quadruple help-whammy

b) Na2>c8

Quadruple help-whammy

c) Na2>g8

Quadruple help-whammy

Müeller, D.

Quadruple help-whammy

b) wNg4

Quadruple help-whammy

Helledie, H.

9x help-whammy

Schöneberg, A.
Reich, H.P.

15x self-whammy

This one is only here because I don`t want everyone to get a perfect score.
Lindgren, B.

42x self-whammy
(OK, so I`ll still let people have yard time if they don`t get this one...)

Glaß, Günter

Quadruple self-whammy

Glaß, Günter

Quadruple self-whammy
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