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18 years of Chess at RedHotPawn

18 years ago today, after a couple of months of intense late night coding, what was at the time one hobby project among many hobby projects, RedHotPawn was released to the world.

That chess site with the ridiculous name.

Happy 18th Birthday RHP

Now RedHotPawn has reached adulthood! 🎂 By dot com standards, it is virtually prehistoric! ...

October 2018 update

The update scheduled for release October 3rd has a few changes that will be unfamiliar.

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Every large board will now consistently have the flip board button/icon in the top right hand corner.

Board settings includes set and piece options, as well as "after move preferences". It also includes options to prioritize different games when moving to the next game. ...


The new RHP UI is about to arrive, and may well be in place by the time you read this. The purpose of this update has been discussed elsewhere (Far better mobile/tablet support - try it!). The aim of this post is to help you familiarize yourself with what has moved where.

New UI

The new UI has evolved from the previous design, so most things are located exactly where they were before, with the one exception of the "My" menus. These now live off a new menu, accessed by clicking your avatar icon in the top right of the page.

Infrequently accessed pages, such as "my settings", now live one click deeper, but plenty of shortcuts still exists, such as on the "my home" page. ...

The site logo, and how it came to be.

RedHotPawn nearly wasn’t RedHotPawn at all. There was only a two and a half month development period in early 2001 before the initial launch, and for the first month it was going to be called “WorldNetPlay” - the intention initially was to support many different game types, not just chess. The domains were registered, the logo was designed by a graphic designer friend....and then we switched the name at the last moment.

World Net Play

The logo and text changed as more time was invested in developing the site – it had launched as a pet project, and the initial interest was a surprise, largely because AOL had decided to place us so highly on their search engine at the time. This gave the momentum to those early months to ma...
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