2012 Championship. The First Win.

2012 Championship. The First Win.

The Planet Greenpawn

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2012 Championship. The First Win.

The Wall


the 2012 RHP Championship is underway and the first game to finish was.

catnap642 - forkedknight RHP 2012

Well done Catnap and with a grading difference of 700 points
this puts you in with a good shout for the Giant Killers Prize.

I have a small team of searchers looking for instructive or comical games
But if you spot something then please don’t hesitate to PM me the details.

So in the absence of anything yet, (most of the games are still in the opening stage.)
I’ll give a couple of mine.

Greenpawn (that’s me) v paradigalla (not me).

I had a look at paradigalla’s games.
I noticed he lost quickly as White against a Phildor…

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 d6

….in the 2010 championship and as someone (cricketman) had played the Philidor
against me I thought as I may be immersed in opening theory I’ll be digging out my
Phildor book (published sometime in the 1970’s).
I might as well get some double use out of it.

That game Game 9040839 with me playing a black Philidor did not go to plan
and I offered a draw in a ropey position which was accepted.
Without in no way intending to be unkind, perhaps he saw the grade and not the board.

Look boys if a higher rated player offers you a draw then you can bet
your eyes he thinks he is worse. Play on.
Look at what Catnap did. Grades are just numbers.

I looked at paradigalla recent losses.

Game 8977919 played in January 2012, he played the opening pretty
badly against a 2.c3 Sicilian.

So he gets a 2.c3 Sicilian.

I’m thinking if he has booked up it after that loss then he will not be familiar
with the middle game positions. I’m no 1.c3 expert. I prefer the Bb5 lines.
But c3 figures in some Bb5 lines. Anyway, that was the thoughts before the game.
Here is the game.

Greenpawn34 - Cricketman RHP 2012

I bowled this lad out in both games 🙂

(Never mind the crap awful jokes, get on with it…..Russ)

As I said earlier, this lad played the Phildor and we reached this position
after the opening moves. 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 Nd7 4. Bc4 Be7

and according to this:

Philidor Book

it says about 4…Be7.

Page 60

So let us see it in action.

Here is that trickier line I mentioned in the notes.
I was looking at my DB today to see if I could find anybody who fell
for the same trick and how the game went.
I found this instructive little game.

Juhnke - Bohm Europe Ch. 1969

Next time I’ll have more games, your games, I can get my teeth into.

We end with another game by catnap from the 2012 Championship.
He actually won the first two games both with Scholars Mate.
This is the 2nd win.

catnap642 - topgunner RHP 2012

This time the grading difference was only 500+ because after the first win
catnap’s grade went up.

The thread accompanying the blog is Thread 145016
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