2022 Chess Christmas Quiz and Games

2022 Chess Christmas Quiz and Games

The Planet Greenpawn

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They put a concrete chessboard outside Murrayfield Rugby Stadium
So I turned up with my blue (Scotland) and red (Wales) and chess set.




Picture clues. You have to guess the opening.

Two Knights

The Two Knights Defence.

Three Knights

The Three Knights Game.

Four Knights

...er...the Four Knights.


OK try this, who are these people?

Round Table

Knights of the Round Table...Sir Dim on the Rim etc...

What Christmas Carol is this?

Silent Knight.

What month is this?


February in a leap year...29 Knights


OK a genuine puzzle from H. Lommer (1904-1980), White to play and win.

Clue = Find the Skewers.

The solution is after the following joke.

Book joke 1

book joke 2


Time for your Christmas present, this is the main treat...a Cracker!

Peter Lalic - Meri Grigoryan, Central London Congress November 2022

That opening I’ve used in reverse to avoid a London System. It’s not 100% sound but it
can lead to enterprising play if the opponent rates it too lowly and gets caught napping.
Here is a typical RHP game where White just develops with no clear plan against it.

sundown316 - thaimeup RHP 2013

Another short Black win in this line. Black’s 9th move is a good alert move..

xolanisigabi - papie RHP 2009

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