4 Consecutive Checks Ending in a Mate

4 Consecutive Checks Ending in a Mate

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4 Consecutive Checks Ending in a Mate


Thread 136069 mentions and displays a game
where a player gets out check by giving checkmate.

One example here will suffice. What I like about this one is
the check and the checkmate are written as the same move.
hxg5+ is answered by hxg5 mate,

Coach David - cptnunicum RHP 2006

White is in check and the best move is 1.Ke2 letting the d-pawn go
with a discovered check. The material would be even and the position
though in Black’s favour due to activity still has to be won.

But alas, like most of the blunders on here, White’s sense of danger deserts
him and he fails to see the real threat.

1.Kf4 g5+

OOPS….now we see the check and checkmate.

2.hxg5+ hxg5 mate.

It was while searching for a complete game on here with this
check and checkmate idea I came across a piece of buried treasure.

A check is answered by a check which is answered by a check which
in turn is answered by checkmate. Yes in four consecutive moves we
get three checks and a mate.

Not a record. In 1993 G.Ponzetto composes this wonderful position.

White and Black combine to keep each other in check for
as long as possible.

37 consecutive checks, an incredible piece of work.

If you want to be immortal and have a spare ½ hour then why not sit down
and compose a position containing a series of checks 38 moves long,

Here is the 4 checks ending in a mate game I mentioned earlier.

the vigilante - lynchie RHP 2007

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Comments (6)

  • Posted 3255 days 3 hours and 25 minutes ago
    Standard memberBull McCabe
    In Tim Krabbe Chess Curiosities Website, he gives a position with 53 consecutive checks
  • Posted 3279 days 21 hours and 47 minutes ago
    Standard memberBrianW68
    Thanks for sharing that with us Greenpawn and the black diamond bay defense sound better than Nimzo's other defense by far.:o)
  • Posted 3289 days 1 hour and 41 minutes ago
    That last game is brilliant! I think black deserves a medal for finding such a creative solution. Sure he could have won quicker, but that finish is sexy! 😀
  • Posted 3289 days 6 hours and 4 minutes ago
    Standard memberhunterknox
    Ponzetto is a clever so-and-so isn't he!
  • Posted 3289 days 7 hours and 21 minutes ago
    SubscriberPaul Leggett
    Why did my intuition tell me that you would find a game where Ke2 was a good move? I think you could find winning lottery numbers in RHP games if you ever got around to looking!
  • Posted 3290 days 14 hours and 27 minutes ago
    Standard membergreenerpawn
    Love the Ponzetto composition! :-)
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