6,200 RHP Championship Games

6,200 RHP Championship Games

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6,200 RHP Championship Games


So let us look at those who have so far scored 100% in Round one
of the 2012 Red Hot Pawn Championship.

The Leaders

I have another games download for you, this time it is 6,200 RHP Games.

Championship Games

You will see all the one and two move skull crushed games but I have to
keep them in to get the accurate scores.
Have fun and if you find something we might all enjoy. (I’m way past the
stage where I can look at every game.) Then post it in the thread link below.

I have some set searches that I do, sometimes I just pluck games at pure random
and go over them. I usually find something I can use, it’s also a good test of
my tactical eye spotting shots and missed chances.

So have fun. I am.
And thanks to Maitkenhead for supplying the link.
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Over the past few I’ve been showing the weaker lads how a good player
treats their game against them.
Basically the strong players does nothing really flash.
They develop their pieces and wait for the weaker player to do something.
Usually ‘something’ involves a pawn move.
They then start pulling tactical tricks out of a top hat leaving the weaker
player to ask: “How do they do that?”

MikeWallace (2229) - Jardreamer (1499) RHP Ch 2012.

Black sets up the solid Hippopotamus Defence. White inflicts a slight
weakness in the body of Black’s position (11.Bb5+ ).
Black should have castled before worrying about this slight defect.
Instead he went for a pawn break to rid himself of a weak pawn.
Enter the magician’s pretty assistant carrying his top hat.

In this next one White is not actually in the novice class, he has been around
the block, he has an idea of what is what.
His opponent Tigerking is one whose games I always enjoying playing over.
He plays interesting chess. Often seat of the pants stuff.
In the following game it looks as if can swing both ways. White perhaps never
gave the game the time is needed.

(the dangers of playing many games at once and very possibly choosing all the
moves in all the games in one sitting. That is asking for trouble.)

thaughbaer - tigerking RHP Ch 2012

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The exchange sac on c3 to nick the e-pawn is a common motive in the Sicilian.
Black opens the c-file, sticks a Rook on c8, plays Rxc3 and then Nxe4.

Two instructive games from the Championship except that one is not quite an
exchange sac. It’s more than that.

Red House - porygon RHP Ch 2012

Loki74 - seanchan RHP Ch 2012

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foamin - vorgod RHP Ch 2012

Black has the chance to take the game into a standard book win
Instead a wee light bulb lights up in his mind and he makes the Blog.

Calexico - tgun77 RHP Ch 2012

White shows how easy it is to win with a Rook and Knights pawn.

The other method is to sacrifice the Rook’s Pawn.
As usual I use RHP players to show you that it is not beyond the likes of us.

mang00neg - HFRJPcheck RHP 2009

Zseventyone - mtn2top RHP 2007

As we have just seen White wins with 1.g2+ Kg8 2.h7+ etc.
White played 1…h7


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We end with our usual chuckles.

aga3 - Perreby RHP Ch 2012

Wiabj - joe o RHP Ch 2012

Position after 47 moves. Draw?

Read on.

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