A Christmas Detective Story

A Christmas Detective Story

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A Christmas Detective Story


So for your Christmas treat I have some more.

Rook Endings

(aw greenpawn give us a break. That will be three weeks on the trot………Russ)

OK. How’s about:

Pawn Endings


OK. A Christmas Detective Story.

I was recently browsing through this….

Title here

(I got it as a Christmas present years ago….that is the Christmas link.)
When I came across this under the section about draw offers…

A piece of a chess book

over the page…

Another piece of a chess book

The Soltis book is good but I hate it when authors mention a game but then never show it.
But as my scribble shows I can find the game in…

Another Chess book

In which Bronstein does not mention the draw offer Nor does he mention a draw offer in…

Another chess book

In ‘200 Open Games’ Bronstein goes into great instructive detail about how the idea
for the following combination came to him but no mention of that psychological draw offer.
In ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ Bronstein admits he misses a mate in one and an improvement
in Gligoric’s play. He makes no mention of either ‘200 Open Games.’

So where did Soltis get his information from? Did he make it up?
No he got it from here.

Yet Another Chess Book

"I came to play Bronstein. He is a very good friend of mine. A round earlier he made a
short draw with Smyslov with White. Then he played me with White, and he tried to beat me.

He made me work. I sacrificed a pawn because I was in trouble and somehow I had the better game.
Then he offered me a draw. At any other time I would have accepted because I didn't
want to risk anything, but at that moment I was a little bit angry because he had made
me suffer for such a long time and I refused.

He was in time trouble. I had no reason to refuse because I had no winning position.
At that point I underestimated him--he made a beautiful combination and mated me.
That was my first loss and I was very upset. Then I lost three more games, one from
a winning position against Stein."

(end of Christmas Detective Story.)

But no hint of where the draw offer took place, I reckon it was around about it here.

Bronstein - Gligoric, Moscow 1967

Bronstein played 31.h3 and offered a draw. I hasten to add I think it was here.
Looks plausible, a luft giving timid h3 along with a draw offer.

Gligoric talked himself into playing on and lost.
As we shall see Gligoric’s decision to play on was not wrong but Bronstein’s draw offer
had disarmed his sense of danger.

Bronstein - Gligoric, Moscow 1967

Good. So now we have an RHP theme.
Red Hot Pawn games where White sacced a Rook on g7 with a Black Bishop on f8.

Schindler - Quirine RHP 2003

Where we see a sound version of the Rxg7+ sacrifice.

LeylandTrek (1394) - Muxagata (1380) RHP 2012

Where we see an attack involving Rxg7+ that should never have worked.

So we have seen a sound and unsound version and now for what I consider one of the most
instructive games played on RHP and I stumbled upon it all because I was browsing through that Soltis book.

A wonderful example of a player punishing a slack move (4…f6). First positionally and then tactically.

pancser2 - bmartin1 RHP.2008

green bar
And finally, a bit of festive fun as we peek into the crazy game that was….

copiryght (1304) - caoimho (1430) RHP 2011 (White to move)

Hopefully by now all of you (except one… copiryght) will have seen Qe8 is checkmate.
Copiryght missed it and instead played Qd3. (Check all Checks…It may be mate.)

White is now threatening mate in one. Unfortunately White does not have that
most powerful of variables in Chess. The Move! Black breathed a sigh of relief and seized the day

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