A Fantastic Philidor Legacy

A Fantastic Philidor Legacy

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A Fantastic Philidor Legacy

That is me standing outside John Cochrane’s Edinburgh house on George Square.

The headline from the newspaper I am holding.

In 20 years from now when you go into Joe’s Dinner and ask where
were you when greenpawn printed that famous Red Hot Pawn game

They will put down their hamburgers, turn off the jukebox, dim the lights
and reminisce deep into the night playing over and over again the game…

andy m - DeepThought
Red Hot Pawn 2006

They will remember the planes being re-directed so the pilot and
passengers could land and play over the game. The crowd at the
European Cup Final was nil. Nobody went to the match because they
too were playing over game. Traffic stopped and cows went unmilked.

Oh No. You are not getting this game all at once. This one has to be savoured.
Each move is a sweet delicious full-flavoured morsel and must not be rushed

Talking of food. The guys at the Fast Food Stall where studying
this very game when I went there this morning for my breakfast.
fast food

The students were looking at it during their lunch break
Three Girls

(we now continue with the game.)
andy m - DeepThought, RHP 2006 (part II)

We rejoin this masterpiece at the point where White losses his Queen.

Once again we take a pause to fully appreciate this gem of gems.

More students, this time medical students, discussing the beautiful bones of this game.
Three guys

We now re-cap. White lost his Queen on move 5. Black lost his Queen on move 16.

But dear reader , the combination is not yet finished. It still has another 10 moves to go.

andy m - DeepThought, RHP 2006 (part III)

How do I follow that? I’m not going to tarnish this jewel of ingenuity
and inspiration by showing another game. This game gets it’s own Blog.

The guy from the 6’s2Hit an Edinburgh War gaming shop thought the same.
War Gamer

“Greenpawn," he said, " You cannot show any other game but this one.”

The thread accompanying this blog, where I will add a few of more games
following the theme. Recent Queens getting pinned on c3 and Philidor’s Mate.

HFRAtomHeartDude - Maalvi RHP 2014
TorGJen - Dommersnes RHP 2014
GuptaFari - rhubarb jam RHP2014

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  • Posted 1657 days 23 hours and 33 minutes ago
    Hi bssrinivasa,

    Without a doubt you are correct.

    The lads are all giving simultaneous displays v another
    bunch of lads giving simultaneous displays.

    This one is rather unique. I've not seen anything quite like it.
  • Posted 1658 days 11 hours and 30 minutes ago
    Standard memberbssrinivasa
    At the cost of having one of my games (with my usual numerous) blunders exposed, this world record for a philidor's mate would not have happened OTB:-) Fair enough for it to make this blog as it's particular to RHP. Lovely write up as usual gp!
  • Posted 1661 days 11 hours and 53 minutes ago
    When I made that Reinfeld remark so did I.
  • Posted 1662 days 12 hours and 10 minutes ago
    Standard memberShallow Blue
    You know, when you made that Reinfeld remark, I was sure DT was going to lose it...
  • Posted 1671 days 3 hours and 4 minutes ago
    Never plan, never have an idea. 🙂

    Best to react to your opponent's plan & idea, they will be wrong.

    Thank You Again Deep Thought.
  • Posted 1671 days 3 hours and 22 minutes ago
    Standard memberDeepThought
    I spotted the pattern but not the flaw. In defence of my opponent I was rated about 750 points more than him at the time (I have no excuse). This is probably where his pawn moves pushing my knight first to b6 (good enough idea) but then >forcing me< to put it back on its good square d5 (not such a good idea) came from. He knew he was winning but didn't know quite know what to do with the position. Maybe you could do a blog on how to form a plan (or at least what happens when one doesn't)...
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