A Little Bit of Fischer

A Little Bit of Fischer

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A Little Bit of Fischer



A game with Damiano’s Defence appeared in the Chess Forum
and this brought up a question and an interesting moment.

Some opening books claim that 3.Nxe5 is the best move here but if
Black knows what he is doing then White may play himself into trouble.

Bobby Fischer - Robert Finley McGregor, Simultaneous 1964

McGregor, unknown to Fischer, was his states champion. He played
the Damiano to lure Fischer into thinking he was a much weaker player.

First I always clear up a technical and historical point when Damiano’s name is mentioned.

I’ve seen comments that Damiano (birth date unknown but died in 1544) must have
been a pretty weak player to play 2…f6. Damiano actually said it was poor but because
he was the first to do so in writing , it bears his name. This is a but unfair but there it is.

Here is one of mine v this defence. I know me, I never underestimate anybody, except me.

greenpawn34 - Sovereignty RHP 2014

The Damiano Trap

queenknightrook - Koekwous RHP 2008

red pawns

Battered Car

The RHP Championship has thrown up another couple of unnecessary stalemates.

danrose84 - Jayhawk34 RHP Ch2014

In this one White knocks back a standard Queen and Rook mate.

munichmick - Mr Forest RHP Ch 2014

This one, not from the Championship, shows the strengths (and dangers) of having to two Queens.
eroom - meglasdad RHP 2012

red pawns

When I see a student of the game bringing out their Queen and using nothing
but the Queen to try and take on a whole chess set I give them this puzzle.

Black to play and checkmate White.

After a few moves they soon realise it cannot be done.
A lone Queen cannot checkmate a King. It needs help.

In the ‘Unknown Bobby Fischer’ by Donaldson and Tangborn
Fischer book

on page 48 we are told by Bill Haines from Vallejo, California, a player that
Fischer beat on his way to winning the 1957 U.S. Junior Championship
that Fischer was showing his fellow players in the tournament endgame studies.

He could remember this one.

OK. San Francisco 1957, you are sitting there minding your own business
when up pops this wee kid with a Brooklyn accent. ‘White to play and draw!”

The King is too far away from catching the running e-pawn so it is down to the Knight.

So now we see the instructive bit.

red pawns

So how is the Red hot Pawn Championship going.
On the 5th of May this year 5460 game were started:

White Wins 1674
Black Wins 1535
Games Drawn. 128

The shortest game ending in a checkmate is golfnaturl - wildcat911 RHP Ch 2014

The longest game ending in a checkmate is seamusk - tsloan RHP Ch 2014
which went to exactly 100 moves. Don’t panic, I am not going to give all 100
moves. The critical bit happened here with the White King chasing the Black Rook
into a corner to nick a pawn and a Queenside pawn promoted. Game 10640231

red pawns

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 159992

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Comments (10)

  • Posted 1984 days and 22 minutes ago
    Standard memberDeepThought
    Hi greenpawn,
    yes, I should have read your notes more carefully...
  • Posted 1984 days 11 hours and 33 minutes ago
    Hi DeepThought,

    The game was drawn on move 26. That was me just moving the King from side to side to show the draw. I've changed it to 31.Ke1 so the d1 Rook is now protected. Cheers.
  • Posted 1984 days 15 hours and 7 minutes ago
    Standard memberDeepThought
    In the Fischer game after 31. Qg1?? (was Qe1 played?) why does black not play 31. ... Qxd1+ 32. Qf1 Qxf1+ or 32. Kf/g2 Qxc2+ which looks like a clear win for black?
  • Posted 1984 days 20 hours and 4 minutes ago
    Standard memberQuickDrawd4
    Sonhouse - The online endgames database (a superb resource for positions with 6 or fewer pieces) confirms Ne7+ is a draw, despite this Shredder rates the position at -7.5 :-)
  • Posted 1984 days 20 hours and 12 minutes ago
    Standard memberRumi
    Aha, you are quite right! I did not look far enough ahead to see that the Black King can't be freed from its corner.
  • Posted 1985 days 11 hours and 9 minutes ago
    Hi Rumi.

    That is what happens, the Pawn promotes but it is no good. The Lone Queen cannot mate a King. (see the second game.)

    Hi Dikankan,

    A good spot.
    I doubt it, but I won't argue with you. Who knows where we get out OTB ideas from. Books or previouss OTB games.
    A mixture of both?
  • Posted 1985 days 16 hours and 20 minutes ago
    Standard memberdikankan
    Thanks again for these blogs! Fischer's play to win the bishop by Ne4-d6, with a Queen on rook 3 pinning the bishop's pawn, looked strangely familiar.
    Then I remembered he used the same idea in the 6th Game vs Spassky, wonder if the idea stuck in his mind?
  • Posted 1985 days 17 hours and 15 minutes ago
    Standard memberRumi
    Fischer's draw depends on the Knight gaining a move through the check on the King at f7. But what if the King moves to h7? Then we have: 1. Ne7+ Kh7 and the Knight can't stop the pawn. If 2. g6+ Kh8, the Knight has no further checks, and the pawn must Queen.
  • Posted 1985 days 21 hours and 15 minutes ago
    Hi sonhouse,

    I've not personally computer checked it but if the King goes for the lone White pawn, the e-pawn will fall and the Knight can throw itself at the remaining pawn. Also the White King can come across to stop the g-pawn.
    It does look like a sound draw.
  • Posted 1985 days 21 hours and 22 minutes ago
    Was curious about the fischer end game study. Has it been subjected to an engine analysis? For instance, what if the king goes after the lone white pawn?
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