A Million Moves on RHP

A Million Moves on RHP

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A Million Moves on RHP

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I’ve have spent the best part of last week wondering what
Eskimo’s talk about whilst they are sitting about in their igloos.

Surely their language is limited to just a few words or phrases:

“It’s Snowing again.”, “I’m cold.” and “Polar Bear!”

They have no electricity so no TV or radio, no internet……….No Facebook.
There are no roads so you cannot talk about the traffic, the weather is always the
same so we can rule out that as a topic of conversation. No neighbours to talk to.

But let us not tarry on the Eskimo problem. Here at Red Hot Pawn all we have been
talking since the 28th October 2005 is when will Zorro the Fox make his millionth
move. Well infact it happened today at 13:45 hrs on the 23rd September 2014.

Zorro The Fox - gumboilfred RHP 2014 Game 10656124 move 38.

Zorro making his millionth on Red Hot Pawn. (having made approx 312 moves per day).

did you miss it…I’ll show it again.

The bosses awarded Zorro with his own unique star.
Title here

It looks more like a badge than a star. (I want one!)

So in the way of a wee tribute I’d thought I’d show some of Zorro’s games.
Of course moving at such a speed he is bound to have a disaster or two.
But there are also quite a few good moves to see. A nice mixture coming up.

A fox is cunning. Watch the cunning fox wriggle out of this one.

jose sureda - ZorroTheFox RHP 2007

Same idea, watch the fox save this one.

joeboy69 - ZorroTheFox RHP 2011

However he was not so crafty and cunning like a fox in these next two examples.

ZorroTheFox - fogie RHP 2011

White played 50.Kxg3 Stalemate. 50.f7 wins.

ZorroTheFox - BK54 RHP 2010

The move f7 won last game. Here White played 60 f7 Stalemating the Black King.

red pawns

gav gav - ZorroTheFox RHP 2008

Zorro likes that nicking a-pawn mating trick.

ZorroTheFox - IBeatScurvey RHP 2012

ZorroTheFox - roma45 RHP 2011

Of course these quick mates would have broken Zorro’s heart.
Chasing a million moves means a new game must be started.

And chasing a million moves meant Zorro was bound to fall for a back ranker…

prajwal - ZorroTheFox 2010

This next one will known as Zorro’s Lucky Legacy.

wim b - ZorroTheFox RHP 2010

This one is good fun. Watch Black try and trap Zorro’s Bishop.
ZorroTheFox - jb70 RHP .2011

With all those games going on at once (they numbered in the hundreds) the two move trick ruled.
ZorroTheFox - ChrisVicAU RHP 2012

Where we see Zorro falling for a two-mover and Black repaying the compliment.

And the lad learned things. Here he falls for a Knight Fork.
ZorroTheFox - Checkov RHP 2009

Two years later we see Zorro pulling off the same trick.

mossiegrinder - ZorroTheFox RHP 2011

For a while it looked like Marko Krale was going to be first to reach the Million Moves.
Here is game between these two. As expected it has few bad errors and missed chances.

ZorroTheFox - Marko Krale RHP 2007

We end with a good game by Zorro. I suspect it was played when Zorro’s game
load was low and he not chasing the millionth move. It’s quite a good game.

ZorroTheFox - procyk RHP 2006
White plays a double piece sac to mate the Black King.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 158315. It was started quite a while ago.
Pages 9 and 10 is where Zorro appears to thank all who cheered him on.
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