A New Coaching Tool + Bird's Defence

A New Coaching Tool + Bird's Defence

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A New Coaching Tool + Bird's Defence

Hi Chaps.

How often have you been sitting on bus or a train and you
get into a conversation with a complete stranger about chess.

It happens to me all the time and one of the most often statements
they make is that they can never understand the rules about
Kingside Castling.

Well I have invented a gifty-nifty wee gadget to help you.

First get a piece of card and draw this on both sides.

blank card

Get an adult type person to make two neat holes in the card as shown.

Then attach a piece of elasticated string through the holes
and draw this on one side of the card.

drawing one

draw this on the other side of the card.
(Make sure you do it so it's upside down)

upside down

Then wind up the card and let it spin.
You should see something like this.

no title

Pretty smart eh?

Next week ‘How to make your own Pocket Chess Set.’

Me with chess set

OK, as castling is the theme of this weeks show here is a game
where Black calmly castles after saccing a Queen and Bishop.

Redshoes - mikelom RHP 2010

As mentioned in the previous game. The Blackburne Shilling Trap from the Bird’s.

Kevin Mcfarland - Hamiltononeill RHP 2006

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