An Opening Chess Trap with 2,399 Victims

An Opening Chess Trap with 2,399 Victims

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An Opening Chess Trap with 2,399 Victims

Recreating famous book covers No. 84 and No.85.

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Greasy Trap

This opening trap has caught 2,399 players on Red Hot Pawn.

Marko Krale has 224 victims and Outback was so impressed when Attila the Horn
(128 victims) caught him with it he adopted it himself and so far has 76 RHP scalps.

As a cure I advise not giving up the d5 point with 2...dxc4 but play 2...e6. instead.
However if you up for some experimentation you can play 2...dxc4 and then try the
1980’s computer move 3...Be6. (I’d chop off an ear before I’d play such a move.)

But it does contain some counter traps which Marko Krale has stumbled over.
You will not catch Marko Krale again, but you will trip up other RHP players.

Marko Krale - gutsiman RHP 2009

The other trap in this opening. Again I warn you if this trick does not work
then a good player will make you suffer for playing 3...Be6. Good Luck Lads!

Marko Krale - sealion RHP 2005

Now I’ll show a Marko Krale win v 3...Be6 so you get an idea of why it can backfire.

Marko Krale - boiledcod RHP.2005

green pawns

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Back by popular demand, I review books just by the cover alone.

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It looks like ‘Modernisation’ is the new chess publishers buzz-word.
How long will it be before we see the ‘Modernisation’ of the Modern.

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green pawns


A study like finish from two players whose imaginations have enriched the game of Chess.
Ivanchuk - Shirov, Bazna 2009

green pawns


Instead of this weeks problem let us look at a game from 1881 which
would not look out place if it appeared in the Red Hot Pawn Database.

J. Schwarz - E. Schallopp, Berlin 1881

First we will look at snapshot of the game. A case of mutual chess blindness.

Now we look at the full game, another example of an ‘iffy’ attack winning
with imprecise moves from the attacker and one mistake from the defender.

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