Bait on b8.

Bait on b8.

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Bait on b8.

I was playing through a game on another forum where a lad who was White
picked up a whole Rook with a Knight Fork on c6.

This was the pattern, and then went onto lose.

I advised him not to feel too bad (it happens) and made a small bet that I could find
an RHP game with the same trick using the same pattern and with the same result.
A White loss.

Of course RHP, as always, came through. But I was not expecting to pick up
such a delightfully instructive game.

That is why this piece is called: Bait on b8.

marcostefano45 - AussieG RHP 2007

Rook Bait

Black offers a b8 Rook via Knight fork on c6. It’s a move White should never have played.

That was fun.
Now I know what you are going to ask next.

“Did AussieG ever try the same 4…bxc6 and 6…Bd6 idea again?”

The answer is yes. One year later.

Jasper Aukes - AussieG RHP 2008

Let’s talk to Ernie.


There is a saying amongst us endgame connoisseurs. “All Rook endings are drawn.”
The way you lot play them (and that includes smug gums greenpawn)
“All Rook endings are lost.”

The only way some of you will ever draw a Rook endings is if you are a Rook up.

I’ve got another saying for you. “Never give a check in a Rook ending.”
There will of course be exceptions but in pure Rook endings the activity of the
enemy King is of prime importance. The Rook should contain or cut off the King.
Checking it. (it the hope it may be checkmate) will only drive it to where it wants to go.

klaf - Protelcom RHP Ch 2012

This is the position with Black to play.

Good. Except that Black did not play 1…Rc1 in this…

Position. Instead he checked giving White 7 tempo!

The missed draw.

If we add a White pawn the winning technique is.

And finally if the King is close enough in a Queen v Rook pawn ending.

(I had to win like that once OTB in a league game…..greenpawn)

Big deal. Let us speak to the Duck.

No, not yet. First here is a picture of me and Mrs greenpawn just about
to go out last Saturday.

Mr and Mrs greenpawn

Now we talk to the Duck.

The Duck

Poor old Protelcom not only does he have to bury his head in an endgame book,
he has to brush up on his tactics as well. This is from the very same game as above.

klaf - Protelcom RHP Ch 2012

Black to play.

How many of you went for 1…Qxf2+ and Queen takes the g1 Rook.
That is what Protelcom played and the game ended in Endgame Ernie’s bit.

It’s better to take the mate. 1….Bxf2+ 2.Kf1 Bg3 mate.

If Protelcom had taken the mate then the whole ending thing would never have happened.

Grabbing material instead of taking a mate is quite common on here.
Baldy greenpawn has supplied dozens of examples from the Championship.

Here is a very recent example from Thread 146931

settl - The Gravedigger RHP 2012 Black to play.

Black took the miserable a2 pawn. 26…Rxa2.
26…Qf2 appears to be a checkmate
The laughable fact is by missing mate in one and nicking a pawn Black lost his Queen,.

Having see the above examples how refreshing it is to see material being snubbed,
in this case a Queen, as the player’s attention is solely focused on the King.

Obladibaddou - Wiabj RHP Ch 2012

Next is a cool game. Watch White hold back from winning the exchange and
when he is ready he sacrifices his Queen.

wes420 - THPaladin RHP Ch 2012

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 146968
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