Beware the Lone Bishop

Beware the Lone Bishop

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Beware the Lone Bishop

Widget put up this picture of the In Vino Veritas Clan.

In Vino Veritas Clan

Wiget Adds:

"drdon, widget, coquette & KJCavalier... all of the other munchkins couldn't make it... "

In the film it was the Scarecrow that wanted a brain.
In the clan (I've seen their games) none of them have a brain.

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Telemark3000 - kuntakente RHP 2013

Telemark3000 sat in his room head bowed and feeling sad.
His girlfriend had gone mad and ran off with a squirrel, his rubber dinner plate company
had gone bust, his car had blown up, the fridge door had frozen shut and spiders…..
.....he hates spiders….had invaded his bathroom.

To take his downcast mind of his misery he logged onto RHP to continue a very exciting
game of chess with his new net friend Kuntakente.

The had never spoken in the months the game had been played but Telemark3000 had
felt a strange bond with Kuntakente. The kinship that exist amongst chess players.
That greenpawn fellah was always going on about it in his silly blog.

He was pleased to see RHP was telling him he had one game waiting.
His net friend Kuntakente as Black had just played 45…Qc1.

Telemark3000 examined the position and decided because his opponent was not actually threatening
anything then he would and considered the move 46.Qg4. planning to play
47.Qd7+ winning that miserable looking isolated pawn on d6.

So Telemark3000 sent 46.Qg4.

And whilst waiting a reply he sat there contemplating his spiders in the bathroom problem.

45 seconds later RHP was telling him his opponent had replied.

46…Qh1 Checkmate.

His world was collapsing him, there were spiders in the bathroom, and now this.

In a desperate attempt to cheer himself up he looked at greenpawn’s silly blog and saw…

“Telemark3000 sat in his room head bowed and feeling sad.
His girlfriend had gone mad and ran off with a squirrel, his rubber dinner…..”

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Book Review **** Book Review **** Book Review **** Book Review ****


I don’t actually have this book, nor have I read it. But I bet you it is full of chess stuff.

Book Review **** Book Review **** Book Review **** Book Review ****

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Beware the Lone Bishop.

Everyone knows that a King and Bishop cannot checkmate a lone King.
Well almost everyone….

Kathy Ames - LowPost RHP 2012

….played on from here for another 19 moves before making the discovery
that Black cannot win.

It is this non-mating fact that has prompted players into lowering their guard
and the thought that checkmate is just one move away has not entered their head.
I have dozens of examples from RHP here are just a handful.

Ashish Acharya - NimzoRevenge RHP.2009
Black to play.

Everything is ticking along and leading to a possible draw. Black finds 26…e5.

Black finds he has been checkmated.

KC Gambit - fiMiko RHP.2006
Black to play..

Opposite Coloured Bishops Always Draw. Black played 33…Be7

Opposite Coloured Bishops Always Draw…Sometimes, Here it is checkmate.

TheOneOne - rigidwithfear RHP 2009
White to play.

White has read the books. Centralise the King in the ending. 34.Ke4.

The Centralised King has been checkmated.

Checkagain - aaroncossey RHP 2006
White to play.

35.b5 looks good…..35 b5 was played.

35 b5 Bf5 Checkmate.

This next example is from a consultation game between:
Fireman Fred - Laurel & Hardy, Hollywood 1932
(CobraII - I b your huckelberry RHP 2011)

Laurel and Hardy

“Another fine mess you have got me into.”


One more.

niiczk - phygum RHP 2011

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We end with as always a cartoon.

annee (1080) - Hippy Joe (1343) RHP 2011

Black misses a chance to take White’s Queen, four moves later White misses mate in two.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 155249

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  • Posted 2268 days 22 hours and 19 minutes ago
    Hi PT.

    Post it in the Chess Forum see what the rest of the lads think.
    I very rarely play 1..d5 against 1.d4.
  • Posted 2270 days 12 hours and 35 minutes ago
    Standard memberptobler
    Sorry, I didn't have my own copy - A friend and I just looked over someone else's copy and I was mainly interested in my now ex- favourite defence, the semi-Slav. The line 1 d4 d5 2 c4 c6 3 Nf3 Nf6 4 Nc3 e6 5 e3 Nbd7 6 Bd3 dxc4 7 Bxc4 b5 8 Bd3 Bb7 9 e4 b4 10 Na4 c5 11 e5 Nd7 (I think 11...Nd5 might also be gone, according to Kornev, not sure) 12 O-O cxd4 13 Re1, whether Black plays 13...g6 or 13...Be7, White has a very large (close to winning) advantage.
  • Posted 2271 days and 9 minutes ago
    That is the universal book review. You can stick it anywhere.
  • Posted 2271 days 8 hours and 8 minutes ago
    Standard memberptobler
    Unless 8...Bd6 as per Aronian-Anand saves the Semi-Slav...
  • Posted 2271 days 8 hours and 16 minutes ago
    Standard memberptobler
    Book review - it's great! Spells the end for the Semi-Slav Defence - which might only be expected as the Slav is already dead. The Slav is a gambit and accepting a gambit is usually the best reply, the Semi-Slav is a way of declining the Slav Gambit and so would be expected to be no better than the Slav! According to this book the Meran kills the Semi-Slav - I wonder if Bg5 kills it too, as you would think e3 blocking in the bishop would be inferior or at least no better than Bg5.
  • Posted 2279 days and 36 minutes ago
    Hi Widget

    The comment was on the first email (no picture sent) so
    missed it. Have added it now.

  • Posted 2279 days 7 hours and 46 minutes ago
    ... so why did GP cut my accompanying commentary when I sent the pic?
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