Borislav Ivanov + RHP Championship Games

Borislav Ivanov + RHP Championship Games

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Borislav Ivanov + RHP Championship Games

Borislav Ivanov

(And who is this?..................Russ)

That is the Bulgarian Chess Player Borislav Ivanov.
A 2200 player who has suddenly started knocking over GM’s like nine pins.

The accusations of cheat were not slow in coming and proof in the shape of
his play apparently matching up with the chess program Houdini is being
touted about to anyone who will listen.

But nobody knows how is he is cheating.

Borislav Ivanov again

He is producing these moves at 10 seconds a pop under the most the most careful scrutiny.
He has been stripped, searched, showered and scrubbed..…..nothing.

Of course the great and the good have come out with their own theories.

He has a computer up his bum. (that is one of mine.)

He is a hologram. (also mine.)

He is using a Time Machine. (not mine but it will be last week.)

Hypnosis. (I’ve somehow been told to type that.)

He has fake ears and a glass eye. (another one of mine.)

These games are all rigged and it's one massive advert for Houdini and
Valeri Lilov's DVD's (Valeri is one of Borislav’s chief accusers.) That too is one of mine.

This is not happening and we all imagining it. (I imagine that is mine as well.)

But at last I think I have it cracked.

The Chess playing program Houdini has metamorphosed into a human form.

That can happen - look at caterpillars and butterflies - you would never believe it
until you actually saw it.

The Houdini clone has the real Boris held captive somewhere.

(Now where would a metamorphosed chess program hide it's human copy?)

Well it's called

Boris is obviously being held upside down in chains in a huge glass tank filled with water.

green bar

The RHP 2013 Championship statistics.

White wins so far 447
Black wins so far 363
Draws = 11

White Checkmates = 193
Black Checkmates = 130
Stalemates = 1

24 pawns have been promoted to a Queen. (no under promotions.)

So let us stumble into this weeks games.

runninfiend (1442) - dwainer (1048) RHP.Ch. 2013

White takes a Rook, Black takes a King.

Melina67 (1660) - dwainer (1048) RHP Ch. 2013

White takes a Rook, Black takes a King. Part II
(Will you lot please stop taking useless undeveloped Rooks and watch your King!)

oljohnsoniv (1364) - harmany (1426) RHP Ch. 2013

White takes a Rook, Black takes a King.
Slight change of blunder. This time White takes the a8 Rook. Same result.

When entering an early middle game with the Heavy Pieces still on the board.
(the Queen and Rook are called the Heavy Pieces.)
Not only is it a good idea to create luft (an escape hole for your King) it
is an absolute necessity you give your King a window to jump out of.

jertamev (1750) - adybay (1720) RHP Ch.2013

White left the window closed and his King was muffed.

Muffed is new chess term. It is when you have back rank mated..
You have been Muffed, I have been Muffed, Everybody has been Muffed.

jertamev was not the first player to be back ranked mated and he won’t be the last.
Oops, here is another.

DidiSavoie (1190) - Knight Me (1775) RHP 2013

Very nearly a big upset here. The grading difference is 585 in Black’s favour
and Black hung a whole piece on move 6 with an incredible blunder.
Alas White hung his Queen a few moves later.

“I never seem to get better.”

Is a common post in the Chess Forum, usually adding: “...and I still make silly blunders.”

The good news is that the more you blunder the more you should learn.
(well that is the theory.)
You only think you are not getting better, you are a better player.

The bad news is no how better or good you get you will still blunder.

Grab a master at random. Akiba Rubinstein.


In 1911 Rubinstein was being put forward as a challenger to Lasker for the World title.
Infact a match was due to take place in 1914 but a certain WW1 interfered.

Between 1907 and 1912 Rubinstein’s tournament record was awe-inspiring, he was
head and shoulders above everyone during this period and produced many masterpieces
that have found their way into all the good text books.

Carlsbad 1911 Rubinstein finished a rare second behind Teichmann in a field of 26
players that included Spielmann, Marshall, Nimzovitch, Vidmar, Schlechter and a young Alekhine. Here are two Rubinstein episodes from this tournament.

A. Rubinstein - S. Tartakower, Carlsbad, 1911

OK anyone could miss that. But how about…

B. Kostic - A. Rubinstein, Carlsbad 1911

So where was the blunder?

Remember this position?

Instead of taking the Bishop White can play Nc6+ winning the Rook.
Rubinstein allowed it and Kostic missed it.!

Rubinstein’s games are sprinkled with ingenuity and intense calculation.
This is what I meant about a blunder only a good player would make.
Most of us would not have seen the idea.

That little piece was meant to give us all hope and expectation.
It has not worked has it.?

Never mind. The RHP player 2advent will cheer us up.

Sorry 2advent, who ever you are, but I make this your 3rd appearance on here.
You must have an incredible sense of humour.
I hope so, here is a reminder of 2advent’s previous pieces of joy.

Kresten - 2advent RHP 2009

darksideofthemoonie - 2advent RHP 2010

This third appearance which will be a new addition for the Blog readers
is I think the best of the lot.

Bobby Chess - 2advent RHP 2009

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