"But.....It's Mate In One" + An opening idea v The English.

"But.....It's Mate In One" + An opening idea v The English.

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"But.....It's Mate In One" + An opening idea v The English.


I was of course going to show you pictures of The Duck but
he appears to have got himself lost somewhere between Vietnam and South Africa.

So here is a picture of me without The Duck.

Me with no duck

Mikelom has the Vietnamese Post Office tracking him but the
trail goes cold in Burma.

I think The Duck has been ducknapped and is being worshipped
as the Great God Gatanga deep in the Burmese Jungle.

I am gathering together a rescue party, those interested add your name
in the comments box below.


The Duck has turned up in South Africa!! (Pics next blog)

green bar

If any of you wander around tournaments you will see the Kings being placed
in the centre of the board at the end of the game to indicate how the game went.

A White win.

A Black win

Game drawn.

Simple enough but it has thrown up an amusing situation.

G. Jones - D.Gormally Scottish Chess Championships Helensburgh .2013
This game was played on one of those live boards.

Here with Black to move both players agreed a draw.
Black put his King on e5 and because this was a legal move the computer
accepted it.
White placed his King from f2 to e4, the computer recognised the illegal move
and stopped transmitting the game.

Those looking at the live feed (note the use of technical jargon) were sitting
there with baffled looks on their wee pinched faces.

Screen Shot

It’s White’s move and he can mate in one move. (Bg2).

It’s now part of database lore and future generations will too be baffled
(Unless of course they are Blog readers.) It will no doubt appear in the
future threads when players are pointing with delight at mates missed by GM’s.

I have come up with a few other patterns to indicate how the game went.

Draw due to opposite coloured Bishop Endgame.

Black won with a smothered mate.

White won with a Corridor Mate.

Game postponed and will continue in a fortnight’s time (………….think about it)

(OK greenpawn enough of this nonsense……Russ)

One more.

Smashed up board

White was winning but got swindled.

(If any of you come up with any other ideas on how to indicate
how the game finsihed post in the blog/thread/link below.)

green bar

RHP 2013 Championship Round 2 (moments of utter despair.)

Avrelii (2114) - scottmd64 (1871) RHP 2013 Championship Rd2.

The end could have appeared in a blog a few weeks back about Bishop mates.

TheBigKat (2485) - beatlemania (1826) RHP 2013 Championship Rd2

Black walks into a well known London Opening trick.

This next wee trick/trap/pitfall call it what you will is worth knowing.
My OTB database tells me the same position has appeared over 20 times in OTB play
and on RHP 21 times.

This is number 22

jankrb (2157) - Pi3 (1717) RHP 2013 Championship Rd2

Black does nothing wrong, he is developing his pieces just like he has been told too,
He drops a piece simply because he has developed his pieces. Chess is cruel game.

sperzman (1561) - mihai52 (2393) 2013 Championship Rd2

In the this round the play is better and therefore the tricks are deeper.
I’ve no idea what to call the tactical trick that ends this one.

We can see the non-blog readers.
How many times have I said watch unprotected pieces if there is a check in the position?

Practically every blog.

spicemanpete (1681) - Leaadas (1692) RHP 2013 Championship Rd2

White to play.

White can drop the Knight back to e3 with a nice comfortable game.

Instead he spots the Knight fork on d6 and that is all he spots.
White played 18.Nd6.

See the unprotected Knight…See the Queen check.

Black saw both and played 18…Qb6+ White resigned.

Even I got into the act. (part I)

Boogada (1941) - greenpawn34 (1996) RHP 2013 Championship Rd2

White to play.

I’ve left a pawn hanging on d5. White took it and resigned after I played Qa5+

Even I got into the act. (part II)

jankrb (2157) - greenpawn34 (1996) RHP 2013 Championship Rd2

Black (that’s me) to play.

The Queen is attacked so I played 20…Qb7?

What’s wrong with that?

The a5 Knight has no retreat (oops!) White played 21.b4 and won the Knight.
Knights on the rim are dim but not as dim as the player of the Black pieces.
I shuggled about for a few moves a piece down trying to pretend I meant it
but after 10 more pointless moves I resigned.

Finally we end with nice wee game stemming from a Reversed Morra Gambit

InvaderOfRome (1930) - Lion of the Seas (2118) 2013 Championship Rd2

Black kicks it off with an original opening, White plays it too quietly trying to keep a lid on things.
Ng4 and Nb4 throw White off balance.
Black can pick up a clean Rook but instead refuses it and goes King bashing instead.
It pays off. Good Game.

Thanks to plopzilla you can now download all the games from the first round of the
2013 RHP Championship.
You too can now marvel and the blunders.

RHP CHampionship Games from Round One.

Thanks again Plopzilla.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 155884

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  • Posted 2238 days 4 hours and 25 minutes ago
    Standard memberbssrinivasa
    "Game postponed and will continue in a fort knight’s time".. brilliant!
  • Posted 2238 days 11 hours and 43 minutes ago
    I look forward to seeing my name in your blog many more times so that I can remind myself to stop making silly mistakes. 😉
  • Posted 2238 days 11 hours and 57 minutes ago
    Standard memberDeepThought
    Thanks for the blog. An observation about the last game is that in the vector defence white can go for 2. d4, so those thinking of playing it as black need to know how to defend a queen's gambit position.
  • Posted 2240 days 5 hours and 13 minutes ago
    Standard memberOtto Bergstrom
    Hi Geoff,

    Sterling job as always.
  • Posted 2243 days 23 hours and 18 minutes ago
    It's a long way and The Duck swam all the way there.
  • Posted 2244 days 11 hours and 4 minutes ago
    Strange that the mail from Vietnam to South Africa would be slow...
  • Posted 2246 days 2 hours and 36 minutes ago
    Standard memberchaddavis14
    thanks for the great blog.

    Chess Sadist
  • Posted 2246 days 18 hours and 54 minutes ago
    Just found out a few minutes ago The Duck has tunred up
    in South Africa. Yipeee!!!!
  • Posted 2248 days 11 hours and 58 minutes ago
    SubscriberPaul Leggett
    No way I'm ducking out on this mission!
  • Posted 2248 days 18 hours and 10 minutes ago
    Standard memberchessicle
    I'm game for some duck hunting...
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