Capablanca Loses 100 Games of Chess

Capablanca Loses 100 Games of Chess

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Mad Magazine June 1957.
mad magazine

And inside we see a mention of Capablanca losing every game in a simul.



Whilst surfing about for that I found some Sci-fi books with chess covers.

cover 1
covers 2

And I’m definitely on the hunt for this. I always judge books by their covers.


Roger two

That reminds of my youth when we used to buy L.P.’s based on what the sleeve
of the L.P. looked like. Then we bought cheap guitars and before we could play
them properly we thought up our band name and designed our own L.P. sleeves.

These days I’m reduced to thinking up chess book titles and covers for chess books.
Recently I thought of mixing the chess book titles with the names of famous films.

book covers

Time for some chess before I get another row from Russ

A quick puzzle. Place the Black King on the board so white to play mates in two moves.

It’s by M. Montgomerie (BCM 1982)
Place the Black King on g7 1. e8=Q and it is checkmate next move

Next we look at the ‘aanepade’ trap in the Budapest Gambit. We call it the
‘aanepade’ trap because he has caught nine players with this same move order.

Various RHP players - aanepade from 2010 - 2012

Like all Black traps these can set by White, all you have to do is lose a tempo.

The famous trap in the Englund Gambit, which is about all the Englund Gambit is
famous for, and yet it has found many unwilling victims here on Red Hot Pawn.

ivanhoe - Polit66 RHP 2021

But what is good for Black can also work for White.

4holly - Talem RHP 2005

For another example of White borrowing a Black trap. Remember that Budapest Gambit
I showed a few games ago, well here is an OTB game from the 2022 British Championship.

T. Villiers - I. Lentzos, British Championship, Torquay 2022

I posted this game in the Chess Forum but it deserves a more prominent showing.
After a month it would have dropped off the front page and this way I can find it
again because despite being only 15 moves it has a couple of instructive points.

The main instructive point is that 15 RHP players have had the exact same position...

...that appeared in the game And none of them played the best move, saccing the Knight on f7.


As I type this there are 15,446 stalemates on RHP. By the time it’s posted there will be more.

The majority are a King and pawn v a lone King as in Arhipov14 - anatolya RHP 2022

Which is fair enough, play it out because we have all seen them misplayed.

But about over 1,000 have come about by a quick, without pausing, pawn promotion.
(Last time I did this the number was just over 900) These are just a few from this year.

redandhot3 - dodgyfivers RHP 2022

65.a8=Q stalemate (65.e6+ first and them promote with checkmate..)

Photographerr - Jo Joe 2 RHP 2022

53. g8 =Q Stalemate .(53. g8=R then White mates on move 55.)

Always pause before promoting as it may not even be a could worse.

CSMFSwingler - gibbsy2 RHP 2021

57...b1=Q 58 Rh3 mate. (57...Rf1+ first and then promote the pawn)

Stanleydavid - pawn addict RHP 2022

Black played 30...c1=Q 31.Nd6 mate (Black should have played 30...Nxe7 first.)

Finally. I’ll close with another OTB game. This pearl dropped into my lap
a few days ago. It fits this weeks stalemate theme perfectly. It’s an example
of how a good player in serious time trouble can turn into a dish of wobbling
jelly. I know because I have been that jelly dish and I wobbled a few times

B. MacReamoinn - A. M. Llewellyn, Bedford Open 2013

I’m thinking the player of the black pieces should never again buy a lottery ticket. It’s pointless.
He will never win. On that day in 2013 he used up all the luck he had ever been granted at birth.

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