Captain Scott + Missed Brillo + Avatars

Captain Scott + Missed Brillo + Avatars

The Planet Greenpawn

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You know what it’s like.

You stand in the queue for ages at the Post Office to buy
a sheet of 2nd class stamps for 2nd hand Christmas cards
only get told they have sold out.

What kind of Post Office runs out of stamps?

Immediately I think of Captain Robert Falcon Scott who
set off to discover the South Pole only to discover it
had been discovered a few days before by some unknown Norwegian.

Then of course I spend the rest of day wondering why there is a North
and South Pole but no East and West Poles.

(I’ll drop that one into the lap of the guys who hangout in the Puzzles and Posers Forum.)

Seems to me that Captain Robert Falcon Scott is mostly remembered for
something he never did. Not discovering the South Pole.

If only he had set off in the summer and avoided all that snow and stuff
he would have found the South Pole much easier and quicker.
Why do people make things so difficult for themselves?

The history of the great game of Chess can throw up a few positions where
some amazing combinations have been missed and the players concerned have
missed their chance at immortality. Instead they become infamous.

Brian Wall - Brad Luundstrom, Colorado Open 2006.

An RHP eye-witness to the following tragedy tells me the player
of the Black pieces was whacked over the head by his coach for
missing the following combination.

Never mind getting a whack over the head.
I would have weighed myself down with opening books and jumped
into the deepest river I could find.

Imagine a game where your opponent had two Queens and has missed a mate
by sacrificing one of them.

You then miss the chance to mate him by sacrificing your own Queen.

First the missed mate with two Queens.

That never happened. Instead we got here with Black to play.

You have had the clues so it should not be too hard to see.

A sad disaster.

Here is the whole game.

Right Christmas is coming and it’s Seasonal Avatar time again.
Here is my festive avatar….

no title

…..which I will posting tomorrow, the 12th day before Christmas.
I expect and hope to see you all taking part again in this piece of fun.
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