Carlsen - Karjakin (Game 10) - Carlsen Wins

Carlsen - Karjakin (Game 10) - Carlsen Wins

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Hello again and first some pictures from our man in New York,
HikaruShindo who has been very snap happy sending us pictures.
A street billboard giving your directions to the match.
Title here

The menu at the Fulton Market, but what is that on the table>
Title here

It's a pile of Chess Magazines.
Title here

A collection of pin badges for sale.
Title here

And look...I want one HikaruShindo, I want one.
Title here

Magnus Carlsen - Sergey Karjakin. 2016 World Championship Game 10.

Of course a grab hack and slash merchant like me should not be allowed
anywhere near a Carlsen or Karjakin game because I will not have a clue
what is going on....and in this game I don’t. But I seek solace in the fact
that neither does 99% of the rest of the planet. So here goes ..................

Variation One The Perpetual

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