Carlsen v Karjakin The Prediction.

Carlsen v Karjakin The Prediction.

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These two chess players will face each other at the Fulton Fish Market
in New York on the 11th to the 30th of November for the World Title.

(anybody from here going I need a few inside men for pictures etc...)

So who will win? Good question. I’ve no idea so I consulted a mystic.

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“Karjakin is a Capricorn, Carlsen is a Sagittarius and both were born in 1990.
With Mars now orbiting Mercury and under the influence of Venus I can see
Jupiter getting upset and bumping into Saturn with very serious repercussions.”

So who, dipstick Duck, is going to win?
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I’ll look at their games at their that should tell us who will win.

Peter Leko - Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee 2008 (Black to play)

Carlsen played 39....Qf3 so Leko simply took the Knight 40.Qxb6.

Carlsen threw in one spite check and resigned.

Boris Gelfand - Sergey Karjakin, 20th Amber Tournament 2011 (Black to play)

Karjakin played 39....Qxf2. Gelfand can take the Rook with check.

Karjakin resigned just as Gelfand was picking up his Queen to take the Rook.

Hmmmmm........ Still none the wiser. Watch this space.
red pawns

Before we go onto this weeks RHP Hall of Doom I share a moment that had
me chuckling all day. Maybe I could do a new section called ‘Posts of Doom’.

A position from the following game was used as a puzzle at

White to play and win . (solution in the following game.)

Ivanchuk - Sutovsky FIDE GP Moscow 2002

Of course the lads on here can do better than that. They actually play like that!
Three positions where White needlessly took a Rook and mated on the next move.

bace3397 - The enforcer1 RHP 2016

23.Qxd4 Qf3 mate. 23.Rd1! Rxe4 24.Rd8+ wins the Black Queen then Nxe4.

ang79 - Murdoc RHP 2016

26.Qxc6 Rd1 mate. 26.f4 luft with tempo and White is winning.

Kernowman - Francesco Massei RHP 2016

15.Qxa8 Qd1 mate. 15.Na3 hitting the Queen. Let’s look at this.

red doom

Often been asked how I find these from the 4-5 games million on RHP.

I pick a theme. This week Black gives a Rook check, White moves the King,
Black gives a Knight Check and yet Black losses. I run this 3 move sequence
through the maneuver filter on my DB looking for any games (5-99 moves) that
fit the criteria, then dive in and see what’s on offer. Very rarely am I disappointed

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Black, a piece down and facing mate has a Rook and Knight perpetual.
This of course is shunned by Black who would rather be checkmated.

littleneutralone - oxmanc RHP 2016

A perpetual is lurking in this one as well. Black runs the wrong way to avoid it.

tamperman - Djinc RHP 2016

A Rook and Knight mating figure in this games as well.

jkmelancon - lstcyr RHP 2016

Still they come. Black plays very well to lose this. The win was too easy.

Gregorburns1 - TheGoofster RHP 2016

This has been fun but like all good things it must end. A bolt from a clear blue sky.

WWS66 (1408) - StephenGeorgeSr RHP 2016

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