Cheapo Man + (RHP Championship No.5)

Cheapo Man + (RHP Championship No.5)

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Cheapo Man + (RHP Championship No.5)

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First some pictures of me giving a recent lecture to twelve of Scotland’s
future strong players. Great fun.

Cheapo Man

“I’ll trick you, I’ll trap you, I’ll sac you….I am Cheapo Man!”

Where is Wally

“I cannot trick if you are going to play developing moves!”

Stats Update.

So far 3173 games completed.

White wins 1658
Drawn 86
Black wins 1429

The average grade is 1478 based on the grades of
the 795 players who have finished at least one game.

Opening Stats:

1.e4 has been played 2066 times.

White wins 1057
Drawn 59
Black wins 950

1.d4 has been played 709 times.

White wins 399
Drawn 18
Black wins 292

1.c4 has been played 135 times.

White wins 76
Drawn 3
Black wins 56

1.Nf3 has been played 86 times.

White wins 55
Drawn 4
Black wins 27

Ok let’s look at this weeks tales of woe and misery.

S0AP - Roller RHP Ch 2012.

Soap puts a piece of soap in the path of Roller to slip on. Roller spots it
but then forgets it’s there.

Afraid we have had another book draw shunned.

Ian John Campbell - LusoCanuck RHP Ch 2012 White to play.

White played 1.Kd5 and after 1…Kxf5 White resigned.
1.Kf3 and head for h1 draws. Black has the wrong Bishop for h1.
The White King laughs at Black’s extra piece.
Black has a left handed screw but a right handed thread.

We have had another Championship Stalemate.

shailen7 - fogie RHP Championship 2012.

White played 72. c8=Q Stalemate.

The bright-eyed players will be ahead of me by now.
“Why not promote to a Knight with Check?”
Yes indeed, why not?

And speaking of successful opening traps….
One well worth knowing in the Fritz variation of the Two Knights.
(one victim in the 2012 championship - 18 in the main 1400 DB.)

caissa100 - Avrelii RHP Ch 2012.

Welsh Witch - fudge RHP Ch 2012

I could wag lyrical here by saying the Welsh Witch put a spell on fudge. But I won’t.

Championship Endgame Errors No. 147

Quanto - Tequila RHP Ch 2012 Black to play.

1…Kxb8 then Rc7 and Rxb7 draws.
Instead Black took the b6 Rook and White could now win with:

2.Rc8! Threatening to promote 3.b8=Q+ and 3.Rxc5.
White missed it and played 3.Kd3 the game was drawn a few moves later.

Now how good are you at visualising Knight tours?

nelsongil - scottmd64 RHP Ch 2012 Black to play.

How about Ne4 - Nc3 - Nxa2 - Nc1 - Nxb3. Looks good.
So Black sets off 39…Ne4 and…

40.Nd7 Checkmate.

In the Chess Forum Patanjali posted a Majestic Fork. (not from an RHP game).

That is a Knight forking a King, A Queen and both Rooks. It is a very rare event.

A ‘Family Fork’ catching a King, a Queen and a single Rook is not
too uncommon. Here is a good game featuring a ‘Family Fork Mate.’.

drunkenmorphy - Chris S RHP Ch. 2012

Finally the problem that was set with at the opening of this Blog.

dsmith - funkydunky71 RHP Ch 2012

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 145492

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Comments (15)

  • Posted 2837 days 10 hours and 19 minutes ago
    Standard memberRobin Johnson
    In shailen7-fogie, promoting to a rook gives a faster mate, unless I missed something: 72.c8=R Ka6 (Black's only legal move) 73.Ra8#. Maybe not as stylish though.
    The only time I've ever underpromoted (I think) was to a rook, when a queen would have been stalemate.
  • Posted 2838 days 18 hours and 44 minutes ago
    Standard memberandrew93
    Hi aanepade

    I haven't looked at every group, but I see scottmd64 in group 81 has qualified for round 2.
  • Posted 2840 days 2 hours and 47 minutes ago
    Hi Tom Tom

    The reason why taking a Knight appeals is because it
    promotes with a check. When a guy is in stalemate territory
    you are on safe ground making a check.
  • Posted 2841 days 4 hours and 59 minutes ago
    Standard membertomtom232
    Hi GP

    The first stalemate I was actually thinking "why not promote to a rook with mate next move." I actually like underpromotions to pieces other than a knight which actually make sense especially to rooks since it almost never makes sense to promote to rook instead of a queen.
  • Posted 2841 days 22 hours and 56 minutes ago
    Standard memberJoseph Yu
    That is intresting! I didn't really belive it.
  • Posted 2842 days and 40 minutes ago
    Standard memberkingshill
    The Fritz variation brought a smile to my face.

    Many years ago my son was playing in the Welsh junior champs and he was much stronger that all of his opponents. One of his opponents played the white side of the Fritz 2 knights and after taking on f7 and forking the queen he ran to get his father to see the game.

    Unfortunately by the time his father got to the board it was smothered mate and he'd lost the game.
  • Posted 2842 days 7 hours and 19 minutes ago
    Standard memberShallow Blue
    That puzzle proves why I'm a dilettant at this game, and always will be.

    I immediately spotted 22 ...Ne2+, but I would have continued by taking the h4 knight with my rook. And then I would probably have blundered back the piece soon after 24. g3 Qc6+ (check one check) 25. f3 Rh5 (never notice the second check).

  • Posted 2842 days 10 hours and 54 minutes ago
    Don't worry about it.

    A blog full of so many bad moves is bound to affect you. 🙂

    I suspect the lads are doing it on purpose just to appear in the blog 😉
  • Posted 2842 days 11 hours and 30 minutes ago
    Standard memberWanderingKing
    Drat. Not only can I not write, but also read. Sorry.
  • Posted 2842 days 11 hours and 46 minutes ago
    Hi Wandering King.

    I do say:

    "10...Bb4+ giving the King square f8 was the answer."

    I've not edited it. It was there all the time.
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