Chess Beans and Paul Morphy

Chess Beans and Paul Morphy

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Chess Beans and Paul Morphy

This advert appeared in the ‘Mainly About People’ magazine Oct 5th 1903.
Title here

The highlighted bite reads....
Title here

and the advert is for...
Title here

So ignoring the expense and without delay I soon obtained...
Title here

and they look like this...
Title here

I took the whole lot at once and then looked at this study by L.Topcejev 1927

White to play and win.

I saw the whole solution instantly.

Later whilst outside at the bus stop someone asked when the next 27 is due.

I immediately replied giving not only the full timetable for the No.27 bus
but also for the No’s. 2, 23, 45, and 35 adding all the fares plus concessions.

I went to the library and heard someone ask for a book on Pottery Marks.

Interrupting I declared the book they want is ‘Pottery and Porcelain Marks’
by Gordon Lang ISBN 0 75370 314 9 adding it is library coded HH134.

They checked. I was right. The Librarian quizzed me farther and it transpires that
I suddenly know who wrote every book, it’s ISBN number and where about it is.

I now know everything about everything and I do not get headaches.
red pawns

Interesting set-up that. KRNN v KR some RHP examples.

macsuds - saultimate RHP 2011

Another one. This time the lone Rook player did not seize their chance.

RMG101 - frostbite99 RHP 2011

It’s not an automatic win. The player with the two Knights has to be careful.

GWHunter - serviceman RHP 2011 (White to play)

White missed playing 58.Rc8 and 50 Rxc7 taking us to a book draw.

Those that have computers drop a random KRNN v KR on the board and try it.
red pawns

And I’ve now at last got a copy of this.
Title here

No I’ve not gone all arty-farty Mr Posh Pants look at me I’m now listening to opera.
This is the opera Morphy went to see when he played his famous game in Paris 1858.

The game is far to famous to give here. Everyone knows it. I can however give you.

DarseyDarzey - PiranhaFish RHP 2013

And as promised a possible line where Black drops the e-pawn.

Before we leave the Philidor (and ‘Norma’ which is really is awful. )
I now will give a variation where Black breaks the pin on the f6 Knight.

red doom

A stab in the back combo which we featured on here a while back.
Tukumnieks - O Artem O RHP 2010

Keeping the Back rank and Queen Sac as a theme all the rest are from this year.

eek a mouse - David Greenwood RHP 2016

When I saw the position and 1-0 I thought it was probably a time out win for White.

fatherdeath - byhookorcrook RHP 2016

We started with what has become as the Morphy Mating Pattern..

We end this selection of disasters with one.

Big Show - michael56 RHP 2016

Next Blog we will covering the Carlsen - Karjakin World Championship

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