Chess Puzzle Number 655

Chess Puzzle Number 655

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Chess Puzzle Number 655

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Don’t be fooled by the cover. This is a devil of a book to work through.
I’ve had this book for nearly 8 years now and I’ve still not finished it.

Compare this with Reinfeld’s 1,000 combinations which took me
on and off a month or three to complete, one chief reason being I
could go through whole pages of the Reinfeld book because I had
seen the combination before and my memory recalled the answer.

But this book cheats the memory. For example puzzle number 3.

Kan - Botvinnik, Moscow 1935, Black to play.

Yes this position was reached on the board in the game, but with White to play.
Hence the rather cute Black solution which if actually played in the game would
have been became famous due to Botvinnik being Black and I’d skip this puzzle.

No it’s not unfair of me to gripe because I have to work rather than remember.
The object of solving these things is so the idea sticks (that’s the theory of it.)
and you can re-produce these ideas in your own games. If you happen upon a
puzzle that you have seen before and recognise it then the theory is working.

So try it. Remember this is puzzle No.3 they get progressively harder as you go along.
The sadist who happened to pick these puzzles should have been a medieval torturer.

The position of the White Queen is the key factor in the position. Can Black trap it?

No.6 I did recognise. It’s a study my mate Keith Ruxton showed it to me years ago.
I forgot the solution. (so much for the idea sticking in the memory) I had to solve it.

White to play. Remember the golden rule in Chess ‘Check All Checks.’

Want another How about jumping ahead to puzzle 655.
I spotted this one whilst I was flicking through the book.

Yes it’s easy....then you remember it’s puzzle No. 655.
The puzzles from 300 onwards are tough....very tough.

Here is a mock solution which sucks the solver in.

The above is a study by N.Kralin 1980. Solutions at the end of this page.
red pawns


Masters Euwe, Reti, Giri and Fine are having a consultation game.
They have split into two teams. You have to figure out who is who.
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red pawns

The Instructive Bit

Sometimes good players trap themselves by refusing to look that little bit
deeper into the position after they have played their winning combination.

M. Brunoehler - K. Richter, German Ch. 1941

We have a game from last year featuring a King and Queen Knight fork on e3.

Quebecji - pebbec RHP 2015

red pawns

red doom

White has two Rooks and a King. Black has a King....guess who wins.

IHUFFORD - mhufford RHP 2012

White has two Rooks and a King. Black has a King......guess what happened next.

ezmorningrebel - sabirch RHP 2011

Black has two Rooks and a King. White has a King....White ends up with two Queens..

christiaanj - crazyblkknight RHP.2011

Black has two Rooks and a King. White has a King.... guess what happened next.

danrose84 - foldemfram RHP 2013

Here is how Black could have won this game.

danrose84 - foldemfram RHP 2013 (analysis)

red pawns

Kan - Botvinnik, Moscow 1935, Black to play.

The solution to the first study which apparently was composed by Steinitz..

Now that study. It’s not as easy as it first appears and is one of the cleverest
studies I have ever posted here. It is the Mona Lisa of studies. by N. Kralin.

The Puzzle Solution

Reti and Giri were playing Euwe and Fine (it was a draw.)
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