Chess Quiz + 1001 Combinations

Chess Quiz + 1001 Combinations

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Chess Quiz + 1001 Combinations

So I am ploughing my way through this (again)

A Chess Book

When I hit this page.

A page from a chess book

Combination No.768. (White to play and win - clue. Look for a Skewer.)

I’ll give you a couple of minutes to figure it out.

Hard? Yes. There are no obvious signposts to guide you other than the fact Black’s
b4 Bishop is a wee bit short of squares. Infact this harmless looking position has
appeared on RHP and in OTB games. Quite a few players have missed the trick.

On RHP and the solution has been played.

caissad4 - Fnugbatter RHP 2006

Twice ItsYouThatIAdore User 129166 as Black has had this position before 9.c5.
And on both occasions White has missed the chance to win a piece or the exchange.
Game 12345 and Game 12457 and in both cases ItsYouThatIAdore went on to win.

Regular Planet Greenpawn readers will know what comes next.
Yes. An RHP player springing this trap and screwing it up

cptnunicum - Climacus RHP 2008

This Skewer pattern.

Popped up in satyaprakash - LordOfTheChessboard, RHP 2005.
A few moves in and I'll you stop and find the trick .

Next up featuring the same pattern is this game.

janwitje - Tukumnieks RHP.2007
Where we see White set up Black for a lovely trap.

And finally we close the theme of week in traditional manner. A totally cock-up.


Kavkaz - shaffs007 RHP 2008

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Quiz Pic

In Thread 158889 a chess quiz was started up.
I have taken a selection of the posted question plus a couple of new ones.
See how you do. (click on the hidden tag to reveal the answer).

Question 1: Who ended Capablanca's 10 year reign without a defeat?
1.Richard Reti.

Question 2: Name the World's Champions (future and past) who took part in the 1936 Nottingham Tourney?
Alekhine, Capablanca, Botvinnik, Euwe and Lasker.

Question 3: Which two players played The Immortal Zugzwang Game?
Saemisch and Nimzovitch, Copenhagen 1923.

Question 4: Which two players played The Evergreen Game?
Anderssen and Dufrense, Berlin 1852.

Question 5. What do Bobby Fischer, Mae West and Mickey Spillane all have in common.
They all went to Erasmus Hall High School.

Question 6. Who said that a young Karpov would never make a chess player?

Question 7: captain cheese - Mr0EviL RHP 2006
White to move 1.Kh1, 1.Kg1, 1.Kf2, 1.Kf1 (only one draws - the rest lose - what move draws?)
1.Kg1 see below

Question 8. In what year was World Champion Emanuel Lasker born.

Question 9: What is Paul McCartney’s middle name?
Paul, his first name is John.

Question 10: What was the final score of the 1961 Fischer - Reshevsky match?
The match was drawn each with 2 wins and 7 draws.

Question 7: captain cheese - Mr0EviL RHP 2006 1.Kg1

Other famous people who attended Erasmus Hall High School.
Neil Dimaond, Barbra Streisand (same class as Bobby) and Joseph Barbera who created Tom and Jerry.
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Well that quiz was fun and now we trawl the dark vaults of RHP and find cowering in the corner.

the Jade - Humain RHP 2012

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