Chess Rythm and Blues

Chess Rythm and Blues

The Planet Greenpawn

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Chess Rythm and Blues

“Good for you Greenpawn, is this going to be about Chess Records
and their worthy place in the history of Rhythm and Blues music?”

You mean like this.
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red pawns

The week we are going to look at Rook and Bishop endings (R & B gedditt?)
It was prompted by the end of this game which I happened upon by chance.

R, Kholmov - S. Kostyra, Warsaw 1989

So I’m wondering if any of you lot have had similar experiences.

Bgm95 - David Mattox RHP 2012

All the next examples come from this year.

landloper - joeforking RHP 2016 (White to play)

The Rule of Thumb is again to blame, this time about activating the King..

1.Kc3 Be5+ and 0-1 . Avoid setting your Rooks and King up for Bishop Forks.

Next a checkmate from a clear blue sky in an opposite coloured Bishop ending..

stoke1 - aaizenm RHP 2016

This next one is even more dramatic than the previous example.

Ed Kainyek - otilio RHP 2016

red pawns

We pause to look at Mad Magazine’s (essential RHP reading) take on Chess.
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red pawns

Back to RHP Rook and Bishop Endings Best not to look at the next one..

rdhopeca - nonkel RHP 2016

Now follow me as we observe your typical RHP combination.

Minion - EJH RHP 2016

Last one and we see a double blunder from both sides.

brang - Drunken Chess Master RHP 2016

brang - Drunken Chess Master RHP 2016 (part 2)

red doom

This weeks delicacies of joy have come from Rook and Bishop Endings.

MrDcomer1 - slacri RHP 2016

Yes the theme is once again Stalemates. They keep appearing. This one is good.

Mafkees999 (1329) - ThomasAy RHP 2016

We end with the usual tragedy. Missed mate in two, Stalemated instead..

Giannotti (1340) - sevy (1241) RHP 2016

red pawns

Almost forgot. Here is the flip side of the Greenpawn and the Gobstoppers single.
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