Common RHP Blunders + Another Vid

Common RHP Blunders + Another Vid

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Common RHP Blunders + Another Vid

Let us catch up with The RHP 2013 Championship statistics. (last blog stats in brackets)

Games in the Championship 5430

White wins so far 1901 (1422)
Black wins so far 1753 (1285)
Draws = 126 (78) 4% of all games finished so far!

White Checkmates = 776 (623)
Black Checkmates = 676 (525)
Stalemates = 3 (2)

315 (105) pawns have been promoted to a Queen.
5 (0) pawns have been promoted to a Rook (Blog readers are now taking Rooks.)
2 (2) under promotions to a Knight.
As yet no under promotions to a Bishop. (Someone want to oblige.)

No under promotions (yet) to a Bishop however I can offer you a nifty Bishop Mate

gwam - topgunner RHP Ch 2013

And another stalemate has surfaced and yet again the player ‘older but wiser’
was involved. (He may be getting older but not much wiser.) 😉

We saw him a few Blogs ago stalemating someone from a won position.
He’s done it again.

Antonio Alma - older but wiser RHP CH.2013 [gid] 10059271[/gid[

Black can play 76…Qb4 77.Ka7 Kc7 and mate next move.
Instead Black played 76…Kc7


But we are not finished with this game.
Way back on move 20 this position arose with Black to play.

He spotted the mate threat on g7 and played 20…Qe5.

Handsome Devil

If Black had indeed Checked all Checks he would have found 20.Qb6+

Common RHP Blunders No.167

Forgetting that your opponent can have the same ideas as you.
(especially if you gave it to him a few moves ago.)

kinggg2 - porygon RHP Ch. 2013

Common RHP Blunders No.167 (continued)

Playing the move that looks good when infact it is terrible.

A lovely lemon this one.
White spots Black’s best reply but infact it is not Black’s best reply.

hatfinch - Ruckdog RHP Ch. 2013

White sees a Queen winning trick. How about Bxh6?
Cannot be too bad, it threatens mate on g7 and discovers an attack on the Black Queen.

No. Black has Qc3+ getting out of the attack and covering the g7 square.

Instead of abandoning this idea White tries to make it work.
Some idea are best left in the mind and should not see the chessboard.

Common RHP Blunders No.167 (continued)
(not checking all checks…I may have mentioned that before.)

Mate from a clear blue sky.

You know what how it goes.
You are walking through the countryside watching the birds, smelling the flowers,
not looking where you are going, when suddenly you step on something gooey.

coquette - thaughbaer RHP Ch 2013 White to play.

White decides to give that Rook on d1 a slight nudge with 26.Be2.


Black played 26…Bc5+

…..and it is 27…Rg1 checkmate next move.

Next is the bare of score of ekyrun (1507) - katella (1214) RHP Ch 2013

Here is the same game on YouTube with comments and analysis.

OOPS - tidying up YouTube account I deleted it.
However I quickly re-done it.

>ekyrun (1507) - katella (1214) RHP Ch 2013

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