Duck's In Thailand + Ernie is Back + The Pearl of Pins

Duck's In Thailand + Ernie is Back + The Pearl of Pins

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Duck's In Thailand + Ernie is Back + The Pearl of Pins

The Duck arrived safe and sound in Thailand and is staying with Mikelom.
Mike took The Duck around the market place near his village.

The Duck

Here he is amongst the fruit and veg.

Duck in Thailand

Mike hopes to get some Chess shots with The Duck next time and
has promised to attempt to make a Chess Set from mixed fruit.
(he’s a fruit cake alright, totally banana’s.)

Anybody want to look after The Duck for a week or two.
India, Australia, China, Africa…anywhere. PM me.
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The RHP 2013 Championship statistics. (last blog stats in brackets)

White wins so far 685 (447)
Black wins so far 588 (363)
Draws = 31 (11) That is 3% of all games finished so far!

White Checkmates = 303 (193)
Black Checkmates = 224 (130)
Stalemates = 1 (1)

39 (24) pawns have been promoted to a Queen.
1 (0) under promotion to a Knight.

The sole Knight under promotion came from funkydunky71 - herrero

White played 21c8=N+ forking the King and Queen. Black resigned.

Endgame Ernie can show us how the sole Championship Stalemate happened.

It's Ernie

Well thank you very much Mr Green Gonads for keeping me bottled up
whilst The Duck is going around the world visiting all these luxurious places.

I’ve been sitting here weeks after week and all I see is The Duck went here,
The Duck went there, The Duck…The Duck…The friggin Duck…

Well you can stick your endgame analysis right up your…….

Well I guess we won’t be hearing from Ernie for a while.

The game is Game 10059261 older but wiser - paul Bonomini

White to play turned this:

Into this

In 8 moves.

There is a link to a forum thread at the end of this piece.
Anyone want to show how White should have won it.

green bar

Now a game I have titled ‘That Pesky Knight’

vriendje van rien - Swiss Gambit RHP 2013

I could quite easily have called it ‘The Pearl of Pins” but that title is going to
one of my OTB (Over The Board) games.

You will enjoy this, I’ve lifted it out the Chess Forum as it deserves a better fate
than to lay buried in a thread seen only by the nutcases who frequent the Chess Forum

Now I’m not up for destroying Swiss G’s performance but there is an instructive
point hiding inside that game. It called winning a won game.

After White speared the Rook with the Bishop White’s game is won.
SG. will admit that. All White needed to do was kill the game dead.
Here is how I would have wrapped it up.

Would I really leave the Bishop hanging?
Yes. There is no such thing as a forced move unless it’s the only legal move.
Witness this, I refuse to go a Queen up, the object of the game is checkmate.

orkette - greenpawn34 RHP Ch 2013

Dedicated to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807 - 1882)

"I fired a Knight into the air, where it lands I know not where."

Now where was I. Oh yes Swiss Gambit’s final mating position.

As I said before, I got that beat in an OTB game.

G. Chandler - R. Kynoch, Edinburgh Club Championship, 1981

‘The Pearl of Pins”

Now with a nickname like ‘Steel Pins’ the White player in the next game should have
played both mine and S.G’s game.

Steelpins - chessenrique RHP 2013

Alas after this effort he shall forever be called Pin Head. 😉

He joins a club that has quite a illustrious membership.
I’m not a member, (Yet………….but I have just tempted fate.)

What club is this?
It’s clubrooms are haunted by troubled and tormented chess players.
(OH boy I am really tempting fate now.)

They don’t play Chess, infact the very word ‘Chess’ is banned.

They sit in creaky woven basket chairs with their head bowed only looking
up when a new member enters the clubroom.

The Chess Player’s Who Have Resigned in Won Positions Club

The Duck amongst the...Cucumbers...Is it Cucumbers.

The Duck and cucumbers.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 153948
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