Eagle Cheats + Caro Kann Traps

Eagle Cheats + Caro Kann Traps

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Eagle Cheats + Caro Kann Traps

Too me, poets are lank haired unemployable shiftless individuals
I fail to see the need for them or how they ever came into being.

Obviously while most of our ancestors were out fighting Mammoths
a few members of the tribe sat around and painted on the cave walls.
These hangers on no doubt evolved into poets, artists and lawyers.

So people who set poetry competitions and get fleeced deserve it.

The Eagle (and The Boys World) was crucial reading in the 1960’s.
I recently came across a whole collection in (where else) a junk shop.

Eagle Cover

They ran a Beatles poetry competition. Here are a couple of entrants.


I’ve deleted the names to protect the guilty. A few issues later this appeared.

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Brilliant. I call this act the revenge of the hunter gatherers.
red pawns

Same junk shop produced a of copy of this. At 50p you cannot refuse.
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I spun through it and saw two traps in the Caro Kann. One for White and one for Black.
Surely no more Caro Kanns I have been having a run on that opening in recent weeks.

But I decided to check RHP just to see if any of you shower had fallen into either trap.

Oh Joy of Joys. A Bloggers dream come true. What a stroke of wonderful luck.
One poor lad has fallen for both sides of these traps. Itsallzen............I love you.

Itsallzen - Chrismaster RHP 2011

Next we see my new pal Itsallzen on the Black side of the board falling for a
Caro Kann trick Burgess mentions on the very next page after the above game.

Melina67 - Itsallzen RHP 2012

And as promised in the note after move 5. The example from the Burgess book.

J. Nunn - K. Georgiev. Linares, 1988

Itsallzen if you are reading this, PM me and I’ll send you free of charge the book.
red pawns

“I like to play blitz. But I don't like to play the blitz I get when people play
4.d3 to my two knights defence. I want to kill myself when I see this move. “

This was the opening to a post by WanderingKing in the Chess Forum. He continued:

“How do I liven the game up after that? Anything speculative
with an explanation of why it could work will be appreciated.”

Instead of suicide, which is a drastic measure, have you ever considered.
Hacked Off

If the opponent does not wish to take you on theoretically in the 4.Ng5 and 4.d4
lines there is not much you can do about it. But you can mix things up with 4…d5.

And although it is disapproved of by the opening books this should not discourage you.
It was a favourite choice of Marshall who played it a long before the books were written.

It’s contains a nifty trick or two and if White is theory dodging with 4.d3 seeking
a quiet solid game then you have got in the first shot and gained precious seconds.

Another approach is to play 4.d3 on here, study it and see what you like and do not
like about it. Then remember what you did not like as White and play that as Black.

The theory being if an opening is causing you severe distress. Start playing it yourself.

Luchomucho - greenpawn34 RHP 2009

You will find more on the 4.d3 line in the link at the bottom of this page.
red pawns

Last column I showed you the tail end of a 5 minute game with me
losing in fine fashion. This week a slight…..ever so slight, swindle.

I’m Black, I have just played R8-a7 threatening to win the Queen with Rh7.
the position is from memory, the bones are there I’d say it was 99% correct.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 162762
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