Five Books and a Film Review + Chess Spotting

Five Books and a Film Review + Chess Spotting

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Five Books and a Film Review + Chess Spotting


I have decided that I want pictures of chess players playing chess
at a railway station. I’ll start.

This is me playing chess at Waverley Station.
The picture was taken by a train spotter. His mate was too shy to be in the picture
so that is me playing over the moves from a book of the 2011 Austrian Chess
Championships that was sent to me recently by my good friend Flo Konig.

The book is actually all the printed bulletins bound together.
It’s a clever piece of kit. Really solid and book like.

The lad even downloaded all the games in PGN and placed them on a CD
which has it’s own folder at the back of the book.

Perhaps an idea for future writers. They could add a CD with bonus games for
you to look at.

I know he reads this so please allow me to use our space to say thank you.

(I’ve no idea what I’ll send in return….I could print out all the blogs and
selotape them together.)

So we kick off with very slight change of format this week.
Three Over the Board Games. All from the recent Austrian Chess Championships.
Well to be exact, two positions and a game from Austria.

Green Dragon

Oh yes!

M. Ernst (2146) - H. Kummer (2362) Austrian Ch. 2011

Black to play


(er…cannot White just take that Bishop?.................Russ)

Yes and that is just what White did and after 13 Nxb4 Black resigned.

Warning lads. If a 2362 OTB player can blunder like that…….

Maybe Bb4 is a universal blind spot.

louisXIV - jayaitch RHP 2006

Black played 9…Bb4

(er…cannot White just take that Bishop?.................Russ)

Yes indeed. 10.Nxb4 1-0.

A good piece of OTB play this time. OK boys thinking caps on
Emanuel Frank - Reinhard Bachler, Austrian Ch.2011

White to play and mate in 4. (answer at the bottom).

Now a game from the winner of the Austrian Women’s Championship

Eva Moser (2432) - Maria Horvath (2020) Women’s Austrian Ch. 2011.

Eva Moser

Eva Moser 2011 Austrain Women's Champion.

Now a couple of RHP examples featuring Bxh6.

ljackson - rsand2 RHP 2007

Same opening, same Bxh6 tactic.

Again the French Defence again with the Bxh6 idea this is the Scholars Mate version.

argos148 - rza RHP 2008

green bar
Now What?

Here is a picture of a film ticket.


Good film. Every Chess player should see it, especially those who were not
around in 1972 when the whole world went Chess Daft.

The conclusion is that Bobby went off the rails due to the fact he gave his
childhood to Chess. I agree. He just never grew up, a man with a lonely child
trapped inside. A sad end.

But as Larry Evans says at the end of the film; ”He left us his games.” and the
least we can do is appreciate these games that Bobby sacrificed his childhood for.

A few years ago full of apprehension I bought ‘Bobby Fischer Rediscovered’ by
Andrew Soltis. The author looks at Fischer’s games after a 30 year gap from first
playing over them. He is looking at them through a better players eyes.

My fears were Soltis would mangle these masterpieces through Fritz and change
the garbage Fritz comments into understandable prose.

Fears unjustified.
After 30 years Soltis has learned how to write and how to note up a game. Each
game is given an honest and instructive work over with human sweat.

Soltis reckons some of Fischer’s games are overrated but many more are
underrated and barely known to the average player.

For overrated read over exposed. Chess writers copy from each other.
(I stole this from Schiller who nick it from Keene who nicked it from….)

Chess players copy each other’s moves, so why not copy their choice of
examples and re-hash each others the notes as well?

The ‘Game of the Century’ Byrne v Fischer (13) New York 1956. is a perfect
example. How many times have you seen that?

One place you won’t find it is in 'Fischer’s 60'. Apparently Bobby did not rate it all.

Bill Hartston in ‘Soft Pawn’ reckoned Fischer fans will no longer quote
Fischer games by who he played but by the game number in Wade & O’Connell’s
book of 'Fischer’s Collected Games'.

“That attack was like game 13 with a bit of 245 and a 661 finish..”

“Yeah. a 345 pawn structure always fails in a 513 ending.”

So now the challenge is for me to drop in a relatively unknown and underrated
Fischer game . For that where better than to look inside 'The Unknown Bobby Fischer'
by Donaldson and Tangborn. I’ll give two games from this book.

R. Fischer - Altusky, skittles game, New York 1954/54

R Fischer - G. Bachiller Madrid (simul) 1970

green bar
This week’s cartoon comes from a position that ends with an uncommon setting.

Kardia - AmidaTong RHP 2007

The solution to the Emanuel Frank - Reinhard Bachler game.

You can add a comment or if you want to post a position or game
then you can do so in Thread 142460
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