Grandmaster Questions

Grandmaster Questions

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Grandmaster Questions

GM Poster

Unfortunately no Grandmasters sent in any questions this week so…

GM Poster cancelled

Emptied my digital camera of all the pictures I took when the Edinburgh Festival
was on. I had dozens of street performers all vying for people’s loose change.

Girl Musician

Pretty girl standing on a shoe box playing an accordion.
I gave her 10p.

Guy looking ill

Some guy all grey looking at a grey ball.
Never had any grey coloured coins so gave him nothing,


I’ve not doctored this picture. I stood for ages thinking how he did it.
Came to the conclusion he was a beggar from another world and gave him nothing.
(best not to encourage these people not matter how far the have travelled.)

Flowerpot Man

I thought this was amazing. Someone dressed up to look like a giant flower pot.
Then I realised it was a giant flower pot

And this next one is a………….

(enough of the pictures…………..Russ).
green bar
In Thread 148666 thaughbaer gave a link to the game.

S. Mamedyarov -v- A.Giri from the recent London Grand Prix 2012
(don’t worry about it, I cannot pronounce White’s name either.)
It ends with this final position.

2rq1k2/1b1n4/p2Bp1Q1/1pp3pr/8/8/PP3PPP/3R1RK1 b - - 0 1
So I went in search of final positions on RHP with this pattern.

Well up surfaced from the deep two super games.

michael odonnell - lendur RHP 2009

The missed shot for White.

Now the same mating pattern but in the last game we saw White pulling it off
from a far superior position.
In this one White is lost for most of this game but Black fails to finish
White off. He was expecting to win by just making legal moves.

twiceaknight - rbmorris RHP 2006

I think you will agree two good games. I won’t keep you any longer.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 148711
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