Halloween Tricks and Treats

Halloween Tricks and Treats

The Planet Greenpawn

Halloween Tricks and Treats

Alexandra Kosteniuk


Usually I type this blog with some 60’s background music. Often it’s The Beatles…
The Beatles

Not tonight….Shhhh!....turn off the lights….It’s Halloween.

It’s not the demons of Halloween that has me typing in silence.
I pretending no one is at home to fool those other foul creatures of
the night, the Trick or Treaters. I’m giving them nothing.

Spooky Pawn

So in a burst of supreme imagination I will be showing a game played
with the Halloween Gambit but first this.

Bebop5 User 618351 has sent in a picture and game of himself
playing GM Alex Yermolinsky at the Southwest Chess Club in Milwaukee.
(Bebop5 was the club champion at the time.)

Bebop with Beard

Yermolinsky took on 20 players including one with a Master rating, 2 Candidate
Masters (one being Bebop5) and about 6 other Class A players.

Here is Bepop’s game.

GM Alex Yermolinsky - bebop5 February 2011, USA.

Spooky Pawn

And now a game with the dreaded Halloween Gambit.

junnujannu User 340999 plays this when he gets the chance and as
I am not listening to The Beatles I’ll give a game played by Beatlemania.

junnujannu - beatlemania RHP 2009

Spooky Pawn

emperor31 - User 533096 has an item for sale on E-Bay.

Chessbase ABCs of endgames & Intensive Course Tactics CDs Renko Chess.

E-Bay Link


He adds:

The first is ABCs of Endgames which is a tutorial with exercises on how
to play the endgame. The other is George Renko's Intensive Course Tactics.

If you're looking to get better, these will do the trick. These brought me to 1800 .

Both represent the essential chess knowledge you need to be a strong player.
PM him with any questions.
Spooky Pawn

Now a delightful game I stumbled upon. A typical RHP game from the 1400 DB.
A bishop sac, a double Rook sacrifice, A King Hunt, a missed mate and a suicide mate.
Even the name of the White player, who I kid you not is ‘redhotpawn01’ is perfect.

redhotpawn01 - con25 RHP 2007

Add a comment, if you have any games/positions regarding this blog to show
then I’ll see you on Thread 143048 I expect a whole ghostly
host of Halloween Gambit Games.

If you have a picture the RHP mob might be interested in then:


Thank you Alexandra Kosteniuk for the pictures lifted from your blog.

Alexandra Kosteniuk Again

Shhhh!.................There is a knock at the door…..

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Comments (5)

  • Posted 2948 days 6 hours and 4 minutes ago
    Standard membermorgski
    I'm missing these blogs 🙁
  • Posted 2963 days 1 hour and 35 minutes ago
    Standard memberTimmyBx
    Thanks morgski - it was a lot of fun! 😀
  • Posted 2963 days 4 hours and 8 minutes ago
    Standard membermorgski
    Timmy that is the cheesiest grin I've ever seen on a Robin, good job! 😀
  • Posted 2964 days 18 hours and 26 minutes ago
    I'll have to check it out.
  • Posted 2964 days 21 hours and 19 minutes ago
    Standard memberTimmyBx
    Fun games! Jennifer Shahade (another chess cutie) posted some chess related pics of herself in Halloween costumes, and with a candy filled chess board.

    I dressed up as Robin, and my gf as Batgirl. I posted a pic of us in our costumes that was a lot of fun! I wanted to get one of us by a chessboard, but we were running late.

    I posted a copy of the link and Robin/Batgirl pic on my chess blog at http://tacticstime.com/?p=1298 :-)
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