Help from all RHP players needed!

Help from all RHP players needed!

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Help from all RHP players needed!

This book published in 1964....
Title here

...starts most of it’s chapters with a chess rule or saying.

I’ve selected a handful and the quest is to find out which book
Len Deighton used when he wrote the book. Can anyone help?

“Skilful use of knights is the mark of the professional player.”

“Mate: a word from Old French meaning to overpower or overcome.”

“A skewer is an attack along a straight line. As the first piece avoids
capture it exposes the second, real target to the full force of the attack.”

“Development for its own sake is insufficient.
There must be a keen purpose in every move.”

“Players who relish violence, aggression and
movement often depend upon the Spanish Game.”

“In Burma and Japan a general is the piece we call a queen,
but in China and Korea a general is the piece we call a king.”

“In China, Hungary, India, Korea and Poland pawns are
called foot soldiers', but in Tibet they are called 'children'.

I’m hoping one of you lot out there can recognise something and pinpoint
the book. Has anybody heard or read that the Tibetans call pawns ‘children ‘.
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Title here

Two items this week to test your chess trivia.

R. Fischer - P. Benko, USA Championship 1963 (White to play)

Fischer on his way to winning the title 11-0. I expect quite a few here will know
what happened next but what appeared a few days later when the tournament was over
Curt Von Bardeleben - Emanuel Lasker, Berlin 1890. (White to play.)

What happened next?

Answers and explanations at the bottom of the page.
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Title here

According to Chess Review July 1964 this was Fred Reinfeld’s favourite game.

It’s a really hairy-scary movie. This game should be played at midnight
with Vincent Price sitting in an armchair reading out the moves out to you.

F. Reinfeld - J.S. Battall, USE Ch preliminaries 1940.

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Back to books and this book by Marc Esserman....
Title here

......has an 11 move Knight mate that Marc says he has lost count of the number
of games (blitz ) he has won with it. At the moment the RHP count is fourteen.

Seven of those fourteen wins have come from Blanca here is one of them.

Blanca - Lenc, RHP .2011

green pawns

A few weeks ago I saw this puzzle ‘cum trick the solver’ type of position.

Black to Play

But first we see an excellent Red Hot Pawn example.
Witness one of the most outrageous traps ever set on RHP.

KingDavid403 - preachingforjesus RHP 2008

Now you should be able to solve this position (Black to play)

green pawns

What Happened Next. (The Answers) both use the square f6.

R. Fischer - P. Benko, USA Championship 1963 (White to play)

At the celebration after tournament party someone had backed a cake.
Title here

It depicts the position before Fischer played 18.Rf6! if 18...Bxf6 19.e5 mates Black.

Curt Von Bardeleben - Emanuel Lasker, Berlin 1890. (White to play.)

Von Bardeleben has just played 20. RxN on f6 Lasker replied with 20...gxf6.

Lasker then left the playing hall. Nobody knew where and was away for 20-30 minutes.

When he returned Von Bardeleben played 21.Bh6 Kh8 and an almighty row broke out.
Von Bardeleben claimed that Lasker had analysed the position off board and demanded
the game be replayed. The tournament committee hastily convened and suggested that
to keep the peace Lasker should replay the game. Lasker refused and was given the win.

Von Bardeleben protested and quit the tournament, Harmonist walked out with him.
Newspapers got hold of the story and for a while their was a German form of ‘ink wars.’
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