How Come The Good Chess Players Are So Good?

How Come The Good Chess Players Are So Good?

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Don’t look or work it out. You have 5 seconds.

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Imagine you can see a normal chessboard and;

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it is 6 moves, most people, me included, go for 5 moves.

There are many different routes. Witness these six move from a1-h8.

The Ricker - goldenwoof RHP 2017

green pawns

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Basically it’s because they are good.(if the duck was here, he would call
me ‘Einstein’ but he cannot speak because I’ve made him wear a mask.)

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A few, a very few, have been born gifted and they have run with it from there.
Usually it’s takes experience, something that cannot be taught, and learning
from those experiences. Their ability to quickly read the board and see what
is going on or smell a trap and know what to do about it is experienced based.

Magnus Carlsen - Levon Aronian, India Rapid game 2019

Carlsen (to move) spent a wee while here. 1.a1=Q just wins. (see the first few moves)
but Carlsen sensed something. (maybe it was because Aronian had not yet resigned.)
Then he saw it (a clever drawing trap by Aronian) Carlsen defused the trap and won.

So what did happen back here: (White to move)

Remember this was a rapid game Aronian had seen the trick shot. Will Carlsen?
Here Carlsen remembered one of my blog war cries. ‘Pause Before Promoting,’

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Shut up you! and put that mask back on.

Magnus Carlsen - Levon Aronian, India Rapid game 2019 (part 2)

So that’s it. The good guys are good because they look before leaping.
We now typically wrap up with some RHP games and Rooks on the 7th.

Dr. Brain - bohemia51 RHP 2020

Continuing with the Rooks on the 7th theme.

Epax - randr RHP 2019

And finally a look at those who did not ‘Pause Before Promoting.’

In these next two examples White has dozens of way to win, all they need do is avoid
a checkmate in one move. But the thought of having an extra Queen was overpowering.

stitchley - Zachary Bales RHP 2020 (White to play)

White can even play 1.Qxg7+ and no matter how Black takes back 2.b1=Q wins.
(Check All Checks!) White promoted and you can guess what happened next.

tetjana - steve peach RHP 2020 (White to play)

Again White can pseudo sac their Queen to promote with a check and then
mate in a few moves. 1.Qh6+ etc. White promoted and was mated next move.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 189033
I have decided to leave the comments off as I have no way other than keep coming
back here to see if any have been made. Any corrections etc just use the above link.
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