How to be Lucky in Chess

How to be Lucky in Chess

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How to be Lucky in Chess

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Do not buy this book!

I did and before I went to sleep I put it under my pillow.

That night I dreamt of nothing else but the number four.
It appeared in all shapes and sizes .Trees turned into the
number four. Buses were numbered four and four planes
flew in a sky littered with clouds all in the shape of a four.

Next day I went to my local betting shop and put £4.00 on dog
number 4 running in the fourth race...............It came in fourth!
red pawns

Though my night time dreams are still about the number 4
My daydream is pulling off a Novotny in an actual game.

A study by Henri Rinck 1905.
White to play and win.

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Euwe, Giri, Fine and Reti played a chess tournament. They all
played each other the same amount of times. There were no draws.

Euwe won all his games. Giri won twice as many games as Fine
Reti lost all his games and Fine finished 12 points behind Euwe.

Based on 1 pt. for a win. How many times did they play each other.
red pawns

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The above diagram with White to appeared in the game:

Armorix - chr650 RHP 2010

This ending is a draw. There is no forced win. The rule of thumb
is the player with the lone Rook should keep it away their own King.

As you might have guessed. Black missed a win.

A couple of short examples of RHP getting the Rook too close to the King.

lamers - becdude .2004

And we round up with a Hall of Doom contender.

gothcharles - Odinson RHP 2015

red pawns

Let’s see one of my recent wins featuring a pet opening plan of mine.

greenpawn - Ragwort, Mikelom Memorial Tournament RHP 2016

red pawns

red doom

First of all we set up a theme for the week. This is it working.

David Greenwood - Ian C Gower RHP 2013

It’s an unexpected mate. White must have fallen off his chair when this happened.

rrrrrrr - bzartman1 RHP 2010

White seems to have struggled for a name. Just tap the ‘r’ key six times.

OK now we look for and find the same pattern and mate missed.

babadad - fattymark RHP 2011

Next it appears Black knew of the pattern and went for it.

pizzano - ms65 RHP 2015

Next we see a whole game. Not really a contender for the Hall of Doom
but I have nowhere else to put it. White punishes Black’s opening play.

Howard Staunton - XXXmen RHP 2014

Back to normal service for Hall of Doom game. White is needlessly mated.

Chewie976 - manudav68 RHP 2010

red pawns

The solution to the puzzle is they played each other 6 times.

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