In Celebration of Giuoco Alfonso Piano

In Celebration of Giuoco Alfonso Piano

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In Celebration of Giuoco Alfonso Piano

This is him

Man with dog

Giuoco Alfonso Piano, the man who invented the opening we know as the Giuoco Piano.

He was born in the small town of Corroma in Italy and played chess daily with
his friend Bernardo Da Vinci, the brother of Leonardo who dabbled in painting.

One day Giuoco sprang his opening on Bernardo and won a brilliant game
“That was quite a game.” said Bernardo and so the name ‘The Quiet Game’ stuck.

In the town square of Corroma there is a concrete chess table inscribed:
“Juventus Rules!” but if you peer through the graffiti you will see a plaque.

‘In Memory of Giuoco Alfonso Piano. Chess Player.’

Chess in Oxford

This week Italy is celebrating the birth of Giuoco (though nobody knows when that was.)
So I thought we would join in by looking at some RHP games with the Giuoco Piano

VM - johnj RHP 2003

So what is the best reply here with Black to play?

How should I know. I’m just chess bum like you lot. If had all the answers I
would not be hacking away on here, I’d have my picture on ChessBase endorsing
some piece of crap software and getting paid millions of squids. But since we are here….

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OK a wee break to catch up on things chess wise from around the world.

World Champion Carl Magnuson was in Moscow last week and.....

(You have the name wrong..................Russ)

World Champion Carl Magnuson was in London last week and.....

(Forget it, just do the Championship advert......Russ)

The RHP 2014 Championship kicks off soon. Tournament 19582 if you are not
already in then jump into the pool with the rest of us. The water is lovely, we
splash about discovering that none of us can swim and I get loads of Blog ammo.

You can download all the 2013 RHP Championship games from here:

RHP 2013 Championship

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What other line is interesting in the Giuoco Piano….I know….The Canal Variation.
Black offers a whole Rook for a winning attack. Here is bones of the idea.

xxxxxxxx - geadon RHP 2009
No messing about by White when choosing his nik. He simply whacked the keyboard x eight times.

ChristianSalvador - simonpwhittaker RHP 2008

These two serve up a curious game. Black offers his up his a8 Rook, White
declines it and in turn offers his a1 Rook. Black takes it and then possibly
regretted it. In the end Black thinking he may be getting mated allows a perpetual.

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I received a PM from Richius who said a recent blog featuring Bishop mates
had inspired him and he pulled off such a mate in a recent game v marikinaboy.

Good. I have helped one reader to win a game which makes up for the 3,079 PM’s I also
received last week telling me that just one look at this blog has lost them dozens of games.

marikinaboy - RHP 2014 Richius

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Moments on RHP No.172

Where we take a peek into an RHP game, shudder, and tip-toe back out again.

Blanca - kenmc RHP.2006
We join the game long after White has won Black’s Queen for a Rook and Bishop.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 159358

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    Standard membersigrun
    no need to remind us that we're not GMs! & for wood pushing (before u mention it) I enjoy that in my wee garden!
  • Posted 2031 days 6 hours and 7 minutes ago
    Well played Richius - I am now your offical coach and will be getting 51% of all your winnings.
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    All wrong, but still pretty ;-)
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