It's Viking Week! + The F-Pawn

It's Viking Week! + The F-Pawn

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It's Viking Week! + The F-Pawn

It's Viking Week!
A Viking Ship

(More ships…We had a nautical theme last time….Russ)

Not nautical, this is…..Viking Week.

mike viking

mikeviking - DanTrz RHP Ch 2012

mikeviking plays the Danish Gambit.
(Danish….Scandinavia …..Vikings…..Geddit?….Viking Week.)

Here is the so called drawing variation.

shaigr - Eshez RHP 2010

On the main database this Queen swap variation has been played 71 times:
White wins =27 Draws = 23 Black wins = 21

Van Hanegem has had this variation 10 times drawing 9 times and winning one.

Continuing with Viking Week in the next game the Viking horde storm the
White position executing the Bishops, smashing the Rooks, crippling the Knights
and then they corner the White Queen, tear off her clothes and......

(.......and that is quite enough of Viking Week……….Russ.)

green bar

Red Hot Pawn 2012 Championship Stats as of noon GMT 1st of April.

Games Finished = 4998
White Wins = 2510
Draws = 165
Black wins = 2323

2045 games have ended in checkmate. 1100 White mates. 945 Black mates.
There have been 5 Stalemates.

Let’s us now peek into the world of missed chances, blunders and the occasional
good move that makes up round 1 of the RHP 2012 Championship.

justplaychess - mbingham RHP Ch 2012

Where we see another relatively simple win chucked out the window.
All Black had to do was trade Queens and sail home a piece up.

Dalradian - dreams99 RHP Ch 2012

Black is lost. He checks looking for a perpetual.
His dream comes true. He gets more than a perpetual.

green bar

Trigger Happy F-Pawn Players are what Jonathan Rowson calls them in
his excellent book ‘Chess for Zebras.’

A book by the way that has nothing to do with teaching Zebras how to play Chess.
I had also better add it is for the more experienced player. A player trying to get
through the OTB 2000+ barrier.

Where was I?......The f-pawn.

All pawn moves must be giving careful consideration.
Especially Middle Game pawn moves.
In the Middle Game the other lad will have his pieces out and off the back rank.
If, usually because you cannot think of anything to do, you make a slack pawn
move he will be over you exploiting the sudden weak squares that pawn was defending.

Good players wait for weak players to make Middle Game pawn moves.

GM Larry Evans once wrote that a player he had just beaten said;

“You did not do anything. You just waited till I made a mistake,”
“Correct.” said Larry.

If you have this set up….

….and think f4 is a good move then consider Kh1 before playing it.

You often see the good guys playing Kh1 before playing f4. That is also the reason
why you see the same good guys moving their King onto b1 after they have 0-0-0.
To get off that open diagonal before something nasty happens.

If f4 is a blunder and you are facing a good player then the refutation will be spotted.

If I had written those words a month ago then perhaps the player
whythelongface would not have…a long face.

whythelongface (1461) - Chucker (2271) RHP Ch 2012.

Got another one. (I’ve got 100’s of RHP examples of trigger happy f-pawns.)

stoffels (1767) - Azimut (1656 )RHP Ch 2012

Before we go any further I have to thank these two supplying such an entertaining
game. I in return am sharing this game with you and the pleasure it gave me.
(The pleasure for me came in spotting a shot that was not played.)

If I do one thing before I go, it is to convince everyone that to enjoy playing
and learning from a game you need not restrict yourself to Grandmaster games.
Infact most of us learn nothing from GM games unless we are prepared to put in
the work and effort and dig out what is in, or usually was is not, the notes.

Black launches his f-pawn on move one. Not to f5 OH No. 1…f6.
The Barnes Defence. (You will not hit a Barne door with that one…..)

This is how (if there is any justice in the world) how the game could have gone.

green bar

Let us say hello to kerbouchard1100 was a bit lucky in this game.

kerbouchard1100 - twhitehead RHP Ch 2012

But kerbouchard1100’s luck ran out in this game.

RFN - kerbouchard1100 RHP 2012

The first piece of this weeks merriment is supplied by coquette.

spats - coquette RHP Ch 2012

We join the game late into an endgame with White a piece down.

and finally.

jharker - Minty67 RHP Ch 2021

A bit of a disaster for Black this one.
He left his Queen hanging on move 12 and could have resigned there and then.
He soldiered on blundering away the exchange and it was a board of sorrow and despair.

Up until then White has been simply taking Black pieces.

Suddenly he had enough of this game and had a bright idea.
An idea so bright it lit up the whole street and people came from miles
around just to stare at is hypnotic glow and bathe in it’s splendid radiance.

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