I've Got A Chess Biscuit Tin!

I've Got A Chess Biscuit Tin!

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I've Got A Chess Biscuit Tin!

I bought a Biscuit Tin! Not any common seen in your granny’s parlour
every day type of biscuit tin, but a genuine 100% Chess Biscuit Tin.

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Here is a better picture of the lid.

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And when we zoom in to look at the position, with the board round the correct way!

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We see this is the position with Black (Red) Checkmating White.

And did I manage to find a RHP game with the same mating pattern?
I came very close. Look at this from Sue - radovan jazic52 RHP 2019

Black has just played 26.Bf5-d3 Checkmate.

green pawns

The few of you whose memory works for more than seven days will remember
last time out I showed some Red Hot Pawn ‘Rook and Knight Epaulette Mates.’

In the same blog I asked you guess the year this cover appeared.

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It is from CHESS November 1977.

If only I had examined the magazine more thoroughly because inside as part of
Hugh Courtney’s Christmas Quiz was this retro puzzle (composer unknown).

White has just played 5.Rxe5 mate. You have to reconstruct the previous five moves.

Pity, that would have fitted into the last blog perfectly. Solution below.

green pawns

That last puzzle was hard to solve. I’ll make things a bit easy for you.

Staying with puzzles and CHESS magazine. In every issue they have a dozen
or more puzzles set in order of difficulty. I have picked four of the first puzzles
(the easiest) from CHESS magazines. The solution is ‘hidden’ under each puzzle.

Pruijssers - Kroeze, Netherlands 2008 (Black to play)

1... Qxf2+ 2. Rxf2 Rd1+ Mate next move.

Crux - Villa Gazquez, Catalonia 2012 (White to play)

1. Rd1 Qxc3 2. Rxd7+ and then bxc3

Manger - Lalic, England 2013 (Black to play)

1... Qxh3+ 2. gxh3 Rh2 Mate.

Shytaj - Levin, Bratto 2008 (White to play)

1. Re8+ Kg7 2. Qxd5 Rxd5 3. Rxa8

green pawns

Now look at this move in the following diagram.

White played 41. Ne6 It was the two millionth played on here by ZorroTheFox.

I sent the Red Hot Pawn video team round to his house the capture the historic moment.

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Pity he could not have mated Black on move 41 with a Knight...like he did 10 years ago.

ZorroTheFox - adalia bipunctata RHP 2010

green pawns

This weeks game is where I sac my Queen for a Rook and Knight because
it looked interesting and I thought I’d get a lot more play than what I got.

Actually I got no play and the game should have been drawn or even a loss for me but my
opponent tried too hard win and eventually fell into one of many traps I had been setting.

coyote214 - greenpawn34 RHP 2020
(notes based on what I recall thinking at the time.)

green pawns

Solution to the mate in five from Hugh Courtney’s 1977 Christmas Quiz.

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