Karjakin - Carlsen (Game 2)

Karjakin - Carlsen (Game 2)

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Karjakin - Carlsen (Game 2)

Hello again and welcome to the 2016 World Chess Championship.

I doubt if we will be hearing from HikaruShindo or TigerTony again.
Apparently the two of them were caught redecorating the front door
Title here

and have got themselves arrested. Their defence that “greenpawn
made us do it.” has also placed me on the wanted list by the FBI.

Upon entering building both Carlsen and Karjakin were not amused.
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Karjakin gave an interview saying this act of vandalism is a disgrace.
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Game 2 S. Karjakin - M. Carlsen, World Championship 2016.

Karjakin’ s game plan is to tempt Magnus out to into open warfare.

Magnus as yet is having none of it. He will succumb when he is ready.
Till then the shadow boxing may continue for another game or two.

The players now have a rest day(!) and the fun(!) continues on Monday.

I mentioned that here instead of the normal 6.Re1 that 6.d4 is fun.

Which gives us a chance to say hello to Karoly Honfi (1930-1996)

G. Negyesy - K. Honfi, Budapest 1955

Staying with Honfi and onto the 6 d4 move I mentioned.

K. Honfi - G. Kluger, Balaton 1959

As I said earlier if you really want to see Game 2 then it’s in the link below.
Apparently at the press conference Magnus Carlsen apologised for the game.

I am not alone. Here is another players take on Game 2.

>The Game 2 Rant

Keep it running because another lad actually tries to look at it.

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