Karjakin - Carlsen (game  6)  The Marshall Delayed

Karjakin - Carlsen (game 6) The Marshall Delayed

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Karjakin - Carlsen (game 6) The Marshall Delayed

The two players on the cover of the May 2011 ‘New in Chess’.
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Six games gone in this twelve game match and it is 0-0 at halftime.
Will either side bring on a sub or will the same two finish the match?

Game 6 follows Game 2 with Karjakin again playing one of the
Anti-Marshall antidotes 8.h3. Carlsen and his crew decides this
is not an Anti-Marshall antidote and play 9...d5 anyway. Game on.

The path then follows Karjakin - A. Onischuk, Olympiad 2010 which Karjakin
won. However smelling some home brew, Karjakin deviates first with 12.Nc3.

Karjakin’s Knights take up impressive looking positions on e4 and e5 and
whilst everyone is looking at all the possible damage these two can get up
to Carlsen’s f-pawn does a one step - two step (moves 14 and 15) and the
brave Knights flee in the process taking a Bishop off the board leaving
us as they did in Game 5 with the dreaded opposite coloured Bishops.

For a brief moment it does look like White is winning an exchange but
Carlsen has it all under control and the game fizzles out to short draw.

S. Karjakin - M. Carlsen, World Championship 2016 Game 6.

Variation One., my trap v Karjakin (success odds 1% but it has wee point.)

Black blunders away/losses/gambits/sacrifices the e5 pawn in the Ruy Lopez.

michall - ColinMatthews RHP 2012

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