Karjakin - Carlsen (Game 9)

Karjakin - Carlsen (Game 9)

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Karjakin - Carlsen (Game 9)

Hello Again and after all the drama of the previous round some
were predicting a quick draw here to give both players an extra
free day. Karjakin would be OK with that as it takes him a step
closer to the title and Carlsen wanting this game out of the way
so he can take on Karjakin with one of the two White’s he has left.

The players did not read the script and we were treated to another fighting draw.

Don’t go away. There are some smashing tricks and traps in this game.
The best of those I have found and one from the live site are in the variations.

S. Karjakin - M. Carlsen, World Championship 2016 Game 9.

Variation One.

Variation Two

Variation 3. Karjakin has avoided going into mega
complications v Carlsen so far, so why start now.

Variation 4

Variation 5 (phew! This is the last one.)

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