Knighthoods in Chess

Knighthoods in Chess

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Knighthoods in Chess

Found this floating around the net.

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Wouldn’t it be great if such a rule existed. Any pawn next to
a King can be knighted and it immediately becomes a Knight.

I did find an RHP game with the bones of the same mating pattern.

janezsm - ksenija RHP 2011

green pawns

Last week we saw players with the White bits pulling of a Morphy Mate.
This week we shall look for RHP players getting a Morphy mate in reverse.

The following game has (so far...) been played on RHP four times.

Leaadas - yavexel RHP 2008
lbthree - D4V RHP 2008
atlantean - steve52 RHP 2009
AThousandYoung - hamid0001 RHP2011

The original Morphy game it lasted just 17 moves. So I looked for some RHP
positions where Black played the mate in reverse in 18 moves, a tempo more.

Mandos - tejus RHP .2012

White instead of castling played 18.Bxg8 Rd1 mate.

jayvi - lynch1989 RHP 2014

White played 18.Qxe5. (better was 18.Qb3) 18....Rd1 mate.

cthilton - Cptncockandballs RHP 2019

White played 18.Nxe5 (how about 18.Qxe5+ and 19.Nd4) 18.....Rd1 mate.

We end this section with two games. The first is in 18 moves and the second is a
pure reversed Morphy, a 17 mover. (any other similarity to Morphy is a coincidence.)

xxxxxxxx - zenfst RHP 2011

patrajasingam - jb70 RHP 2017

green pawns



This is where you go round and round in circles using usually a pawn as
the middle of the roundabout. It is often used to give a perpetual check or
to give it it’s correct term, a three fold repetition. There is actually no
mention of the term ‘Perpetual Check’ in the FIDE laws. ‘Three Fold
Repetition’ covers it. (although everyone uses this term, it is wrong.)

A simple example will give the idea.

L. Prokes, Czechoslovakia 1921

White to play and win. The clue is Circumambulation.

green pawns

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Or in this case Dates With Missed Mates.
cubitus - reinfeld RHP 2012 I’ll do this one in two diagrams.

White played 40.h3 missing 40.Qh3 checkmate.

Black has mate in two 58...Kf3 59. Kxh3 Rh1 checkmate.
But instead Black played 58...c3 and it is now stalemate.

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