Lasker's 'The Chess Self Tutor'

Lasker's 'The Chess Self Tutor'

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Lasker's 'The Chess Self Tutor'

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Bishops in a Bottle.

I recently picked this up for a 50p. I t was published in 1972 to catch the Fischer boom.

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Do any of you remember or still have a copy of this.

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It was published in 1982 to catch the Dungeons and Dragons boom.

In this book you were armed with a sword, a rucksack and a lantern.
You entered a cave and if you met someone or something you were
given a choice on what to do. You have just met an old harmless man.

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Given a choice I was always drawing my sword and charging.
On page 247 you end up get walloped. Beware of page 247.

In the Lasker book the idea is the same. You are placed in a position and given two
or three choices. You then go to the section of your choice to see if your were correct.

This is an example from the book (It is infact a mirrored copy of the Saavedra Study.)

You are White and her are your choices.
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(these are in descriptive notation, I’ll translate.)

2. Kg7 Section 36
2. Kf5 Section 43
2. Kg5 Section 50

So if you think the next move is 2. Kf5 then off you go to Section 43 to find out.

Section 43 (2.Kf5) is the draw sword and charging method. It’s wrong. Beware of Section 43.

Black plays 2...Re1 and 3.f8=Q Rf1+ and Rxf8.

Let us jump to section 50 and see how White wins this.

green pawns

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Some RHP players thinking have fallen into a trap have been resigning when
they had no need to. They could have set a counter trap and made a game of it.

Here is the trap working..

mikesalami - Mr Chas Estes RHP 2016

Now we look at the counter trap that White can set Black.

Normanni - taipei5200 RHP 2013

It’s up to you if you want to try this as White. personally I’d leave the e5 pawn alone.
But this is just an old man talking. Fall for it, take the pawn and wriggle like a worm.

Analysis (more like a walk up the garden path and around candy mountain.)

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This week we look at one of my OTB (over the board) games.

H. McMillan - G. Chandler (that’s me!) Edinburgh Congress 2006.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 189543
I have decided to leave the comments off as I have no way other than keep coming
back here to see if any have been made. Any corrections etc just use the above link.
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