Manchester Utd v Chelsea + Opening Graveyard

Manchester Utd v Chelsea + Opening Graveyard

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Manchester Utd v Chelsea + Opening Graveyard

[b]Manchester Utd v Chelsea or better known as…

no title

….has been going for a while
The Score is 23-10 in favour of Chelsea with no draws.
Here are some of the recorded highlights of a game played in 2010.

A few moves later….

United missed 10.Nd5+ winning a Chelsea Queen.

Then this Man Utd missed mate. Check all checks.

Then this piece of cunning play from Chelsea.

Here is the full game.

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Chealsea did a piece of giant killing last season.

(OK drop the football references, you are killing the joke...Russ)

Marc56 (2096) v PMS (691) RHP 2009

White to play


There are two kinds of chess players.
Those that have been back rank mated and those going to be back rank mated.

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The Sicilian Defence ‘The Rebel Bishop Variation.’

(The ‘Rebel’? Because this week I’m listening to Duane Eddy and am playing
Rebel Rouser over and over again).

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 b6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Bb7

And why not? The Sicilian Defence is all about laying into White’s e-pawn..
In this line the Bishop hit’s it from the flank.

5. Nc3 a6

With the single minded threat of b5-b4 chasing away the c3 Knight
and winning the e-pawn. White likes this plan and encourages it.

6. Bc4! b5 7. Bb3 b4 8.Na4 Bxe4

The Black strategy succeeds, the e-pawn is no more.

9.Nc5! Bxg2

It’s gets better, now Black is two pawns up.

10.Rg1 Bc6

The Rebel Bishop has nicked two pawns. Retribution now follows.
White sacs his King’s Bishop, his King’s Knight and his King’s Rook to mate in 5 moves.

A good instructive game I picked up from 'Startling Correspondence Chess
Miniatures" by Tim Harding.

W.Schlosser - T,Kanchev C.C.1967

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