Marcel Duchamp and Spiderman

Marcel Duchamp and Spiderman

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Marcel Duchamp and Spiderman

Hi Happy New Year. I’ve got the first issue of this.

The Cover

A wave of chess nerd envy is sweeping across the planet and it’s all aimed at me. With it came this.


A Spiderman Knight. I bet you are salivating down your bum fluff covered chins and very soon I’ll be getting…

Black Queen

Black Bishop

White King

(Greenpawn, Surely you are not going to show the whole set?……………Russ)

No one more, I am setting up a joke.

White Queen

Infact I already have the White Queen, Invisible Woman. Here she is.

Invisible Woman

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The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 157266


(Is that it? A few pictures, one joke and goodbye?...................Russ)

It’s my new years resolution. Do a chess blog with no actual chess in it.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 157266



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I need a theme….I see Marcel Duchamp is mentioned in the title, I’ll use that.

I wonder if anyone on here has fallen for the Marcel Duchamp Blunder.

H. Mueller - M. Duchamp The Hague, 1928

Anybody else fallen for that one.?

S. Muehlberg - D. Neukirch, Germany 1963 is just one OTB game that followed the exact same series of moves including the Black resignation. But that is OTB. We want RHP games.

This position has cropped 40 times on RHP

(It does not matter if h6 and Bh4 has been played) and nobody on RHP has played…Ne4.

I cannot believe it. End of theme. This is the kind of trick Duchamp was going for.

chuphone - Augustkim RHP 2011

Basically the Duchamp Theme is Legal’s Mate or The Elephant Trap (a temporary sac of the Queen) in a new setting.

Here is a variation of Legal’s Mate with an uncommon mating pattern. (and a trap worth knowing.)

elsbeth - Lennieboy RHP 2009

jtam - Zaibo9 RHP 2008 has a bit of the Duchamp Theme.
In this instance the White King takes a battering before Black wins back the Queen,

As promised here is the other Zaibo9 game.
Zaibo9 tried this defence 4 times after the above game. He lost all four.

jxd - Zaibo9 2010

So I got a bit of a theme from Duchamp He also gave us this. (it’s art)

Naked Chess

‘Nude Woman Plays Chess’. Which will be the theme of next weeks Blog.
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The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 157266

(Well done greenpawn, a chess blog with no chess in it 🙂…………Russ)

I’ll do the jokes Russ.
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