Mate in 6 Easy Steps

Mate in 6 Easy Steps

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Mate in 6 Easy Steps

[b]Hi Chaps.

Solve this. It came from Leonard Barden’s Guardian column
on Saturday 13th November 2010.

Black to play and mate in 6 moves.
Hopless Harry

No it’s not. it flows like clockwork. It’s all clicks into place with checks.
Check every check and keep following the checks till you hit the mate.
Try it.

S Netto v R Acente, Paraguay 1975.

See how easy that was. I am not even going to bother to give the solution.
Once you get it you will never forget it.

What a great pity it would be if someone on here had
a chance to play such a combination but missed it.

intheories - mathemos RHP 2003

Black went ugly 34…Be4+ and mate 4 moves later.

34…Qf1+ does it in style in 3 moves.

And now this tactical tale that ended in a draw.

freddy1936 - ginka RHP 2007

It starts here with Black to play.

Black thinks he can see an overloaded Queen holding both the c1 Rook
and the d5 Bishop so plays 34….Rxd5.

White to play

White does not check his checks and thinks he has lost a piece.
However he can play 35.Rxf5 because if 35…Rxf5 36.Qc8+ Kh7
and Qxf5 is a CHECK.

And the Queen then goes to c5 to hold the Rook.

So back here.

White played 35 Qxd5 Qxc1+ 36 Kg2 and here…

Black missed the glory shot 36…Qf1+.
Instead we see the right idea but the wrong move order.
He played 36…Bh3+ and the game was drawn a few moves later.

This comedy could have been a tragedy..

White to play.

He took the perpetual with 42.Qc8+ and 43.Qf5+.

But why not go for the steele King mating idea with 42. Kg6 that looks good.

42…Qe8 mate is the answer.

Here is the full game.

freddy1936 - ginka RHP 2007

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Comments (12)

  • Posted 3097 days 15 hours and 10 minutes ago
    Standard memberEthan Toler
  • Posted 3276 days 2 hours and 54 minutes ago
    Standard memberGoshen
    I got it. Kept missing the kamikaze checks.
  • Posted 3300 days 13 hours and 9 minutes ago

    I added the clue:

    "Black to play and mate in 6 moves. " at the start. 😉
  • Posted 3300 days 18 hours and 28 minutes ago
    Standard memberDeau
    i could see the combination for Black, just that i thought it was White to play!
  • Posted 3300 days 22 hours and 39 minutes ago
    Despite all the clues some still do not get it.

    Rook check, Rook sac, Queen check, Queen sac.
    Bishop check and Rook Mate.
  • Posted 3301 days 5 hours and 58 minutes ago
    Standard memberxfoxhound80x
    For someone with a lack of spacial intelligence such as myself, a six move mate can be challenging. I feel like a fool as I have tried for the last two days to figure it out. As you said greenpawn, as soon as I get it, Im sure I wont forget it. : )
  • Posted 3307 days 3 hours and 19 minutes ago
    Hi Goshen - The idea appears in the notes in the follow up games.

    Check all checks means look at every check and follow the
    path of checks till they run out.

    Look at the first note after the first diagram in the
    intheories - mathemos game.

    As Ria211077 I like to stick to one theme per Blog to
    make sure you have it.
  • Posted 3307 days 23 hours and 34 minutes ago
    Standard memberrja211077
    @Goshen - keep looking. You'll find it. There is a massive hint in the form of two of the subsequent examples, which (as is the thing with GP's blogs) follow the same pattern.
  • Posted 3308 days and 43 minutes ago
    Standard memberGoshen
    Greenpawn please, what's the solution?
  • Posted 3308 days 11 hours and 42 minutes ago
    Standard membergreenerpawn
    clever stuff. it looked to me like it had 9 squares along, tiny bit of a white square on the end.
    anyway - very nice mating pattern.
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